Andy M. Jones

ANDY M. JONES is Principal Archaeologist with the Cornwall Archaeological Unit. His research interests include the Neolithic, Bronze Age periods, as well as the archaeology of the uplands and coastal areas of western Britain. His recent research includes the log coffin dating project and the publication of the Whitehorse Hill cist, ‘Preserved in the Peat: An Extraordinary Bronze Age Burial on Whitehorse Hill’ (2016). In 2017 he co-edited ‘An Intellectual Adventurer in Archaeology: Reflections on the work of Charles Thomas’. Other recent publications include ‘Settlement and Metalworking in the Middle Bronze Age and Beyond: New evidence from Tremough, Cornwall’ (2015) and ‘Archaeology and Landscape at the Land’s End, Cornwall’ (2016).


Excavation of Later Prehistoric and Roman Sites along the Route of the Newquay Strategic Road Corridor, Cornwall

Andy M. Jones

This volume presents the results of archaeological investigations on the Newquay Strategic Road and goes on to discuss the complexity of the archaeology, review the evidence for ‘special’ deposits and explore evidence for the deliberate closure of buildings especially in later prehistoric and Roman period Cornwall. READ MORE

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