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Published Oct 2021

Archaeopress Archaeology


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British Archaeology; Cornwall; Bronze Age; Iron Age; Roman; Settlement; Occupation; Metal-working

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Later Prehistoric Settlement in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly: Evidence from Five Excavations

Edited by Andy M Jones, Graeme Kirkham

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Later prehistoric settlement in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly reports on the excavation between 1996 and 2014 of five later prehistoric and Roman period settlements. All the sites were multi-phased, revealing similar and contrasting occupational patterns stretching from the Bronze Age into the Iron Age and beyond.



Section 1: Background to the ProjectAndy M Jones ;
Chapter 1: Introduction to the Volume ;

Section 2: Archaeological Recording during the 1996 Coast Protection Scheme at Porth Killier, St Agnes, Isles of ScillyCharles Johns, Jeanette Ratcliffe and Andrew Young, with contributions from David Dungworth, Janice Light, Alison Locker, Henrietta Quinnell, Vanessa Straker and Roger Taylor ;
Chapter 2.1: Background to the Excavations ;
Chapter 2.2: The Excavation Results ;
Chapter 2.3: The Artefacts ;
Chapter 2.4: Mammal, Bird and Fish Bones ;
Chapter 2.5: Shell ;
Chapter 2.6: Plant Macrofossils ;
Chapter 2.7: Radiocarbon Dating ;
Chapter 2.8: Discussion ;

Section 3: Excavations at Killigrew 1996: an Iron Age and Romano-British Industrial Site on the Trispen Bypass, CornwallDick Cole and Jacqueline Nowakowski FSA with contributions from Rowena Gale, Sophie Lamb, Albertine Malham, Gerry McDonnell, Henrietta Quinnell, Laura Ratcliffe–Warren, Adam Sharpe, Vanessa Straker and Roger Taylor ;
Chapter 3.1: Background to the Excavations ;
Chapter 3.2: The Excavation Results ;
Chapter 3.3: Radiocarbon Dating and Charcoal Identification ;
Chapter 3.4: The Artefacts ;
Chapter 3.5: Charred Plant Macrofossils ;
Chapter 3.6: Discussion ;

Section 4: Archaeological Investigations at Nancemere, Truro, Cornwall 2002: a Prehistoric and Romano-British Landscape – James Gossip with contributions from Rowena Gale, Andy M Jones, Julie Jones, Anna Lawson-Jones, Henrietta Quinnell, Clare Randall and Roger Taylor ;
Chapter 4.1: Location and Background ;
Chapter 4.2: The Excavation Results ;
Chapter 4.3: The Artefacts ;
Chapter 4.4: The Charcoal ;
Chapter 4.5: Animal Bone ;
Chapter 4.6: Radiocarbon Dating ;
Chapter 4.7: Discussion ;

Section 5: Life Outside the Round: Bronze Age and Iron Age Settlement at Higher Besore and Truro College, Threemilestone, Truro, 2004–5James Gossip with contributions from Justine Bayley, Paul Bidwell, Sarnia Butcher, Wendy Carruthers, Rowena Gale, J D Hill, Andy M Jones, Julie Jones, Anna Lawson-Jones, Roger Mcbride, Stuart Needham, Peter Northover, Cynthia Poole, Henrietta Quinnell, Roger Taylor, Anna Tyacke and Tim Young ;
Chapter 5.1: Background to the Excavations ;
Chapter 5.2: The Excavation Results ;
Chapter 5.3: The Artefacts ;
Chapter 5.4: The Plant Macrofossils ;
Chapter 5.5: The Charcoal ;
Chapter 5.6: Radiocarbon Dating ;
Chapter 5.7: Discussion ;

Section 6: Excavation of an Iron Age Settlement and a Roman Period Enclosure at Porthleven, 2014Andy M Jones, with contributions from Paul Bidwell, Dana Challinor, Anna Lawson-Jones, Henrietta Quinnell, Clare Randall, Ryan P Smith and Roger Taylor ;
Chapter 6.1: Background to the Excavations ;
Chapter 6.2: Results from the Excavations ;
Chapter 6.3: The Artefacts ;
Chapter 6.4: The Charcoal ;
Chapter 6.5: The Animal Bone ;
Chapter 6.6: The Radiocarbon Dating ;
Chapter 6.7: Discussion ;

Section 7: Review and OverviewAndy M Jones ;
Chapter 7.1: From Beaker Pits to Living in the Round: Some Themes ;


About the Author

Andy M Jones is Principal Archaeologist with the Cornwall Archaeological Unit. His research interests include the Neolithic and Bronze Age, as well as the archaeology of the uplands and coastal areas of western Britain. Ongoing research projects include the social responses to the later prehistoric drowning of the Mount’s Bay landscape in west Cornwall and social organization of metalworking in the British Bronze Age. His recent publications include: Excavation of Later Prehistoric and Roman Sites along the Route of the Newquay Strategic Road Corridor, Cornwall (2019); An Intellectual Adventurer in Archaeology: Reflections on the work of Charles Thomas (2018); Preserved in the Peat: An Extraordinary Bronze Age Burial on Whitehorse Hill (2016); and Metalworking in the Middle Bronze Age and Beyond: New evidence from Tremough, Cornwall (2015). ;

Graeme Kirkham was formerly a project archaeologist with Cornwall Archaeological Unit, now a freelance historic environment consultant and independent researcher; joint editor of Cornish Archaeology since 2003. Current research interests include medieval and post-medieval responses to prehistoric monuments and a range of landscape history topics.