Andrew Finkel

The author of the foreword to John Freely's 'Stamboul Ghosts', Andrew Finkel has been based in Turkey since 1989, as correspondent for print and broadcast media including The Times, The Economist, TIME, CNN and the Latitude section of The New York Times. More unusually, he has worked in Turkish-language media – in newsrooms, as a featured columnist and on television. His articles and editorials have appeared in The Washington Post, The Guardian, The Observer and Financial Times, and he has broadcast for the BBC. Finkel is a founder and executive of Platform24 (P24), a Turkish-registered NGO intended to strengthen the integrity of independent media. He was a Journalism Fellow at the University of Michigan and is the author of scholarly articles on Turkish media. His second book, 'Turkey: What Everyone Needs to Know', is published by Oxford University Press. He has been a contributing editor and restaurant critic for Cornucopia Magazine for more than 25 years.


Stamboul Ghosts: A Stroll Through Bohemian Istanbul

Andrew Finkel

Colourful, cosmopolitan, hard-drinking, often outrageous characters throng this rollicking memoir by the late John Freely, who moved with his family to Istanbul in 1960 and changed travel writing for good with his 1972 guide, Strolling Through Istanbul. Dozens of books on travel, history and science would follow. READ MORE

Hardback: £16.95