Alessandra Esposito

ALESSANDRA ESPOSITO completed her PhD in Classics at King’s College London under the supervision of John Pearce in 2018, with a dissertation on priestly regalia from Roman Britain. She has been a Graduate Teaching Assistant in Greek and Roman Art and Archaeology at King’s College London since 2014. Alessandra completed a BA in Latin and Greek Philology (2005) and in Archaeology and History of Ancient Art (2007) at Unverisità degli Studi di Napoli. After receiving an MA in Roman Archaeology at the same institution (2009), she worked in commercial archaeology in the area of Pozzuoli while completing her diploma of Scuola di Specializzazione (2012). She has taken part in and overseen archaeological excavations at sites in Italy (Cumae, Puteoli, Elea/Velia, Terina) led by Unverisità di Napoli, and in Jerash, Jordan, conducted by Aarhus University and Ruhr-Universität Bochum. Alessandra’s main research interest lies in the change in religious personnel and ritual performances in provincial communities after the Roman conquest, with a particular focus on archaeology of religion.


Performing the Sacra: Priestly roles and their organisation in Roman Britain

Alessandra Esposito

This book addresses a range of cultural responses to the Roman conquest of Britain with regard to priestly roles. The approach is based on current theoretical trends focussing on dynamics of adaptation, multiculturalism and appropriation, and discarding a sharp distinction between local and Roman cults. READ MORE

Paperback: £34.00 | eBook: £16.00