Alastair Small

Honorary Professorial Fellow, University of Edinburgh

Alastair Small FSA, FSAS, is Professor Emeritus of the University of Alberta, and Honorary Professorial Fellow at Edinburgh University, School of History, Classics and Archaeology. He began studying the archaeology of South Italy in 1964 as a doctoral student at Oxford University, and has published extensively on the subject. He has edited and contributed largely to monographs on excavations on Botromagno near Gravina in Puglia, and at Monte Irsi and San Giovanni di Ruoti in Basilicata. These range in date from the Early Iron Age to Late Antiquity. In 1996 he and Carola Small initiated a ten-year project of field survey in the Basentello valley which explores the territorial context of Botromagno and Monte Irsi, and led to the first phase of excavation at Vagnari.


Archaeology on the Apulian – Lucanian Border

Alastair Small

The broad valley of the Bradano river and its tributary, the Basentello, separates the Apennine mountains in Lucania from the limestone plateau of the Murge in Apulia in southeast Italy. This book aims to explain how the pattern of settlement and land use changed in the valley over the whole period from the Neolithic to the late medieval.


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