Stefano Bertoldi

Research Fellow, Università di Siena

ORCID 0000-0002-3114-116X

Stefano Bertoldi graduated (MA, University of Siena, 2012) in medieval archaeology with a thesis on spatial analysis of road and settlements and in 2017 presented his Ph.D. dissertation on settlements, roads, markets and trade in Tuscany between the imperial age and the early middle ages. His principal research interests are computer applications and quantitative methods in archaeology, and the archaeology of the late Roman to post-medieval periods.


Santa Cristina in Caio

ed. Stefano Bertoldi

This volume collects the results of the 2009-2015 excavation campaigns in Santa Cristina in Caio (Buonconvento, Siena) and contextualises the site in the wider phenomenon of mansiones, Roman secondary settlements, and their reuse between Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages.


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The Past as a Digital Playground: Archaeology, Virtual Reality and Video Games

ed. Stefano Bertoldi

This book collects the contributions to a two-day conference which illustrate a digital project developed at the Archaeological and Technological Park of Poggibonsi (Siena, Tuscany), where Virtual Reality and an educational video game are being used to enhance the archaeological content deriving from the excavation of the medieval site. READ MORE

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