Carenza Lewis

Professor for the Public Understanding of Research, University of Lincoln

ORCID 0000-0001-7705-1197

Carenza Lewis is Professor of Public Understanding of Research at the University of Lincoln and an archaeologist with research interests in rural settlement and childhood. Formerly an investigator for RHCME, presenter on Channel 4’s television series Time Team and founding director of ‘Access Cambridge Archaeology’, she has published widely while leading initiatives engaging wider publics with heritage including the ‘Higher Education Field Academy,’ ‘Cambridge Community Heritage’ and ‘Unearthing Middlefield’s Utopia’. Director of ‘Our Lincolnshire’, from 2019-22 she is leading ‘Community Archaeology in Rural Environments Meeting Societal Challenges’ (CARE-MSoC), a European Commission project exploring the social benefits of involving residents of rural communities in the Netherlands, Czech Republic and Poland in local archaeological excavations.


‘Our Lincolnshire’: Exploring public engagement with heritage

Carenza Lewis

This book presents the aims, methods and outcomes of an innovative wide-ranging exploration of public attitudes to heritage, conducted in 2015-16 across Lincolnshire, England’s second-largest county. As policy and practice evolve, this research will remain valuable as a snapshot in time of public engagement with heritage. READ MORE

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