Collection: Well Built Mycenae The Helleno British Excavations within the Citadel at Mycenae, 1959–1969

edited by W. D. Taylour, E. B. French, K. A. Wardle under the auspices of the British School at Athens.

Well Built Mycenae was established as a series to publish the joint Helleno-British excavations at Mycenae directed by Lord William Taylour between 1959 and 1969 which focused on the Citadel House Area. The series takes into account all of the material found during the seven seasons and thematically covers different aspects of the excavations in dedicated fascicules, such as architecture of different periods, types of finds and technical analyses. As of 2021, when publication of the series passed to Archaeopress, ten fascicules had been published; several more are in preparation. Previous fascicules will be made available in free to download digital editions through the Archaeopress website. A full list may be found below:

In Print:
Fascicule 1. The Excavations, W. D. Taylour, E. B. French and K. A. Wardle
Fascicule 7. The Prehistoric Cemetery: Pre-Mycenaean and Early Mycenaean Graves, M. Alden
Fascicule 10. The Temple Complex, A. D. Moore and W. D. Taylour
Fascicule 13. The Service Areas of the Cult Centre, E. B. French
Fascicule 16/17. The Post-Palatial Levels, E. B. French (with G. Hillman and E. S. Sherratt)
Fascicule 21. Mycenaean Pictorial Pottery, J. H. Crouwel
Fascicule 24. The Ivories and Objects of Bone, Antler and Boar’s Tusk, O. H. Krzyszkowska
Fascicule 27. Ground Stone, D. Evely and C. Runnels
Fascicule 34.1. Technical Reports: The Results of Neutron Activation Analysis of Mycenaean Pottery, E. B. French and J. E. Tomlinson (with S. M. A. Hoffmann, V. J. Robinson and R. E. Jones)
Fascicule 36. The Hellenistic Dye-works, L. C. Bowkett

Supplementary online content to published volumes can be found here:

In Press:
Fascicule 14. Tsountas House Area, K. S. Shelton

Forthcoming (2022)
Fascicule 8. The Pre-Mycenaean Pottery, D. H. French
Fascicule 12. The Megaron, S. J. Aulsebrook
Fascicule 27.2. The Stone Tools and Weights, S. Diamant and K. Petruso

In Preparation (prepress ready 2022/2023):
Fascicule 9. The South House and Annex, W. D. Taylour, E. B. French and K. A. Wardle
Fascicule 11. The Room with the Fresco Complex, A. D. Moore and W. D. Taylour
Fascicule 15. The Early Levels, K. A. Wardle
Fascicule 22. The Objects of Metal, D. E. H. Wardle
Fascicule 23. Lead Artifacts and their Function, S. Mossman
Fascicule 25. Beads and Related Small Items: Supplementary Data, H. Hughes-Brock and J. Phillips
Fascicule 29. The Painting from the ‘Room with the Fresco’, M. A. Cameron, N. Marinatos, et al.
Fascicule 31.2. Animal Bones, U. Albarella
Fascicule 37.2. Post-Mycenaean Pottery, W. Rudolph

Well Built Mycenae, Fascicule 14: Tsountas House Area

Kim Shelton

Presenting results of excavations in the ‘Cult Centre’ area at Mycenae, the Tsountas House Area contains two buildings and multiple access ramps. This study is essential for understanding the conception and function of Mycenaean religious space and the socio-political development of cult. READ MORE

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