Collection: Praehistorica Mediterranea

Praehistorica Mediterranea (ISSN 1974-6040) is an archaeological series which was established in 2008 to deal with topics and problems of the Prehistoric Mediterranean with the aim to become a forum for discourse between different historiographical traditions. In the format of the volumes, the series distingushes itself by being devoted to essays and contributing to various topics such as the production, circulation and consumption of goods in the Prehistoric Mediterranean and in those inner areas that cannot be properly considered 'Mediterranean', but which had significant relations with the great sea.

Archaeopress began publishing new volumes of Praehistorica Mediterranea in 2015.

Series Editor: Pietro Militello

Scientific Committee: Fritz Blakolmer (Wien), Vanghelis Kyriakidis (Kent), MarieLouise Nosch (Copenhagen), Diamantis Panagiotopoulos (Heidelberg), Simona Todaro (Catania), Nicola Cucuzza (Genova)

ISSN: 1974-6040

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Vincenzo La Rosa (1941- 2014): Un archeologo tra Sicilia e Egeo

ed. Lucia Arcifa et al.

This volume re-examines the scientific figure of Vincenzo La Rosa, professor of Aegean Civilisations at the University of Catania, exploring his contributions to our knowledge of the prehistory of Crete, Sicily and the Aegean, and to the application of a long-term perspective linking the ancient and modern worlds. READ MORE

Paperback: £30.00 | eBook: £16.00

Un sistema per la gestione dell’affidabilità e dell’interpretazione dei dati archeologici

Marianna Figuera

This book aims to identify methodological problems associated with the digital management of archaeological data and to introduce viable solutions that embrace interpretative aspects and the reliability concept. A prototype system is presented, managing small finds data from early 20th century excavations at Phaistos and Ayia Triada. READ MORE

Paperback: £30.00 | eBook: £16.00

The Dialectic of Practice and the Logical Structure of the Tool

Jannis Kozatsas

A critical review of recent trends in the archaeological and anthropological theory of technology from processual neo-positivism and postprocessual relativism to contemporary French and American anthropology, and the symmetrical theory of material culture. READ MORE

Paperback: £19.00 | eBook: £16.00

Le guerrier, le chat, l’aigle, le poisson et la colonne: la voie spiralée des signes

Serge Collet

Collet brings a new approach to the study of the Phaistos Disc, one of the most studied documents of the Minoan civilization. It’s not a deciphering but an interpretation, a depiction of the Minoan Weltanschauung through the symbols on the Disc and their connections with reality. READ MORE

Paperback: £19.00 | eBook: £16.00