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Published Jan 2020



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The Dialectic of Practice and the Logical Structure of the Tool

Philosophy, Archaeology and the Anthropology of Technology

By Jannis Kozatsas

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A critical review of recent trends in the archaeological and anthropological theory of technology from processual neo-positivism and postprocessual relativism to contemporary French and American anthropology, and the symmetrical theory of material culture.



Introduction ; 

PART I: A Brief History of Research: From neo-positivism to phenomenology and beyond
Elusive technology and analytic dualism: between processual objectivism and post-processual idealism
French and American anthropology of technology: synthetic dualism and the concept of the “process”
The chaîne opératoire approach: some theoretical remarks
Symmetrical theory and the phenomenology of material culture

PART II: Hegel and the Concept of Practice: Elements for a dialectical theory of technology
Dialectics in contemporary archaeological and anthropological theory
The dialectic of practice: reconsidering Hegel

PART III: The Subject, the Object, and the Logical Structure of the Tool
Heidegger’s phenomenology or the tool as not a tool
Hegel’s tools: relationality, universality, and effectivity

Epilogue ; 


About the Author

Jannis Kozatsas’ research broadly focuses on philosophy and archaeology. Currently, he is a postdoctoral researcher in philosophy at the Department of Political Science and History, Panteion University of Athens, as a Fellow of the State Scholarship Foundation. Since 2018 he has been lecturing in modern European philosophy at the Department of Philosophy, University of Patras.