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The Travel Chronicles of Mrs J. Theodore Bent 0

Bundle: The Travel Chronicles of Mrs. J. Theodore Bent: Volume I-III (3 books)

Mabel Bent's diaries of 1883-1898, from the archive of the Joint Library of the Hellenic and Roman Societies, London


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Mabel Virginia Anna Hall-Dare, the wife of English archaeologist and explorer James Theodore Bent, kept a series of notebooks on her travels. These three volumes collect her writings on journeys to Greece and the Levantine Littoral (Vol I), Africa (Vol II), and Southern Arabia and Persia (Vol III).


This bundle allows you to buy Volume I-III at a specially reduced price. Please note this is not a compendium, you shall receive the following three volumes (all paperback):

Volume I: Greece and the Levantine Littoral (ISBN 9781905739028)
Volume II: The Afircan Journeys (9781905739370)
Volume III: Southern Arabia and Persia (ISBN 9781905739134)