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Published Mar 2021

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Hardback: 9786053965237

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Turkey; Çatalhöyük; World Heritage Site; James Mellaart; Neolithic; Biography

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James Mellaart: The Journey to Çatalhöyük

By Alan C. Mellaart


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This book explores the life of archaeologist James Mellaart (universally known as Jimmy), whose discovery and excavation of the huge Neolithic mound site of Çatalhöyük both revolutionised the way we think about the prehistory of Turkey and became the centre of great controversy.



Preface – Alan Mellaart, Emma L Baysal ;
Prologue: The Skeleton Cleaning Club: Childhood Memories of Çatal Hüyük – Alan Mellaart ;
The life of James Mellaart – Alan Mellaart ;
Arlette Mellaart: A Journey to Archaeology – Alan Mellaart ;
Bohemia on the Bosphorus – Arlette Mellaart ;
Safvet Pasha – Sinan Kuneralp ;
Kadri and Ulviye Cenani – Alan Mellaart ;
James Mellaart: A Man Addicted to Archaeology – Mehmet Özdogan ;
Extracts From The Interval: A Life in Near Eastern Archaeology – Seton Lloyd ;
Working with Jimmy and Arlette Mellaart from 1955 to 1958 – David Stronach ;
James Mellaart and Hacilar – Maxime Brami ;
‘Jimmy Bey of Hacilar’ and some Memories of Fifty Years – Refik Duru ;
Notes on the Çatal Hüyük Excavations – Ian Todd ;
Letters from Çatalhöyük – Grace Huxtable ;
Mellaart’s Notebooks: The Story of Çatalhöyük’s First Days – Emma L. Baysal ;
Working With Arlette and James Mellaart at Kanlica in 1964: Those were the Days – Peder Mortensen ;
Jimmy and Arlette Mellaart at Çatal Hüyük – John Ingham ;
James Mellaart and Çatalhöyük: An Evaluation – Ian Hodder ;
One of archaeology’s great mysteries: Dorak – Seton Lloyd, Kenneth Pearson, Patricia Connor, David Stronach ;
Gordon Square – Donald Easton ;
Memories of Jimmy and Arlette – Ian Hodder ;
Tribute to James Mellaart – John Carswell ;
Tribute to James Mellaart – Trevor Watkins ;
James Mellaart Bibliography

About the Author

Alan C. Mellaart is a joint honours BA graduate of Modern Middle Eastern Studies, from Hatfield College, Durham University, United Kingdom. He attended the Advanced Executive Program at the Kellogg Graduate School of Management of Northwestern University in 1998.

Prior to consulting he has 15 years of business experience gained between 1977-1992 with Spinneys (1948) Ltd., distributors and retailers in Saudi Arabia (1978-1979), The Welcome Foundation pharmaceutical company as Territory Manager and Tetra Pak as Sales Manager in Turkey.

Alan is British, was born in Istanbul, and speaks fluent Turkish. He is the son of Arlette and James Mellaart, retired lecturer in Anatolian and Near Eastern Archaeology at London University, who discovered Çatalhöyük, one of the world's earliest Neolithic urban sites dating from 7000 BC.