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Published Jul 2014

Archaeopress Archaeology


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Travelling Objects: Changing Values

The role of northern Alpine lake-dwelling communities in exchange and communication networks during the Late Bronze Age

By Benjamin Jennings

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Since their initial discovery in the nineteenth century, the enigmatic prehistoric lake-dwellings of the Circum-Alpine region have captured the imagination of the public and archaeologists alike.



Section 1: Background ;
Chapter 1: Introduction ;
Chapter 2: Theoretical Background ;
Chapter 3: Prehistoric European Trade Routes ;

Section 2: Material Culture Distributions ;
Chapter 4: Non-Metal Artefacts ;
Chapter 5: Metal Weapons ;
Chapter 6: Metal Equipment & Tools ;
Chapter 7: Metal Accessories ;

Section 3: The Role of Northern Alpine Lake-Dwellings in Europe ;
Chapter 8: Metal Working in the Northern Circum-Alpine Region ;
Chapter 9: Artefact Deposition ;
Chapter 10: The Role of Late Bronze Age Lake-Dwellings in Europe ;
Summary ;
Zusammenfassung ;
Résumé ;