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Illustrated throughout in colour & black and white

Published Jun 2014

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781905739875

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Rural Settlements on Mount Carmel in Antiquity

By Shimon Dar

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In the years 1983-2013, an archaeological expedition under the auspices of the Department of Land of Israel Studies and Archaeology of Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan, was active on Mount Carmel, Israel.



Preface and Acknowledgments ;

Geographical Outline of the Survey Sites ;

Survey and Excavations by the Bar‐Ilan Expedition to the Mountainous Carmel ;

Settlements of the Eastern Carmel ;

The Sites ;
Horvat Qelia (The Bamah Citadel) ;
Horvat ‘Ala ed‐Din, H. Din ;
Horvat ‘Ada, H. al Gaiyada, H. Umm al Ahmad ;
Horvat Dubba, H. Duweiba ;
Horvat Kerak ;
Horvat Mansura, Horvat Nesura (Bir al Mansura) ;
Horvat Heglon, H. Hajala. ;
Horvat Dereg, Deragot ;
Horvat Talimon, H. Sulemanije ;
Horvat Tata, Nebi Tata ;

Ariel Berman, The Mount Carmel Area – The Coin Catalogue ;

The Settlement Pattern of the Rural Sites on Mount Carmel ;

The Economic Structure of the Carmel Settlements ;

The Historical Background of the Mt. Carmel Settlements ;



'While the individual sites are well described, historical settlement trends and wider contexts are only briefly discussed. As such the volume makes accessible—most of all through plans, photographs and artefact drawings—an indicative sample of Roman and Byzantine rural sites and provides an entry point into the more specialist literature.' Rob Witcher (2020): Antiquity