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Published Jun 2014

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781905739837

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Copper Shaft-Hole Axes and Early Metallurgy in South-Eastern Europe: An Integrated Approach

By Julia Heeb

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Although the copper axes with central shaft-hole from south-eastern Europe have a long history of research, they have not been studied on a transnational basis since the 1960s. What has also been missing, is trying to use as many methods as possible to better understand their production, use and context.



Introduction ;
2 Methodology ;
3 Theoretical Perspectives ;
4 Context and Background of the Copper Hammer-Axes and Axe-Adzes from South-Eastern Europe ;
5 History of Research ;
6 Copper Age Metallurgy and Shaft-Hole Axes from South-Eastern Europe – Evidence, Problems and Potential ;
7 The Experiments ;
8 Metallography ;
9 A New Typology for the Copper Hammer-Axes and Axe-Adzes ;
10 Patterns and Trends in the Copper Axe Assemblage ;
11 The Copper Axes and Living Practices during the Copper Age in South-Eastern Europe – Considerations and Conclusions ;
Appendix I - Typology ;
Appendix II – Axe Marks ;
Appendix III – GIS Distribution Maps ;
Appendix IV - Cluster Distribution Maps (from Krause 2003) ;