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294 pages

Illustrated throughout in black and white

Published Jun 2014

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781905739783

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Archaeopress Egyptology 1

Cultural Expression in the Old Kingdom Elite Tomb

By Sasha Verma

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Cultural Expression in the Old Kingdom Elite Tomb considers the material and immaterial culture left behind by the ancient Egyptian elite in their tombs starting some 5000 years ago. The book intends to understand this culture reflecting the intention of the ancient Egyptians. All these intentions are now inaccessible to us, a paradox indeed.



Explanation of Signs ;
Chapter 1: Introductory Remarks ;
Chapter 2: Methodology and Research Assumptions ;
Chapter 3: The Search for the Generics in the Material Aspects ;
Chapter 4: The Search for the Generics in the Immaterial Aspects ;
Chapter 5: Characterizing the Generics ;
Chapter 6: Criteria for the Selected Motifs ;
Chapter 7: The Carrying-Chair ;
Chapter 8: Officials’ Records and Taking Account ;
Chapter 9: Mourning Motif ;
Chapter 10: Final Observations ;
Appendix A Carrying-Chair Motif ;
Appendix B Empty Chairs and Carrying-Chair Fragments ;
Appendix C Taking-Account ;
Appendix D Mourning Motif ;
Appendix E Lists of Charts, Tables and Figures ;
Appendix F Attendants’ Titles (andTombs) ;
Appendix G Dating Convention Used ;
Appendix H ;
Appendix I ;
Glossary ;