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Published Dec 2007

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781905739165

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British Rock Art

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Art as Metaphor

The Prehistoric Rock-Art of Britain

Edited by Aron Mazel, George Nash, Clive Waddington

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Enigmatic, esoteric and fascinating, the rock-art of the British Isles has for a long time been a well-kept secret. This volume brings together a carefully selected collection of papers reporting on recent discoveries and regional surveys covering British prehistoric rock-art from over 10,000 years ago.



Foreword (Christopher Chippindale) ;

Chapter 1: A coming of age (Aron Mazel, George Nash and Clive Waddington) ;

Chapter 2: Rock-art and art mobilier of the British Upper Palaeolithic (Paul Pettitt and Paul Bahn) ;

Chapter 3: Possible Mesolithic cave art in southern England (Graham Mullan & Linda Wilson) ;

Chapter 4: Neolithic rock-art in the British Isles: retrospect and prospect (Clive Waddington) ;

Chapter 5: Pictish symbol stones: caught between prehistory and history (Meggen Gondek) ;

Chapter 6: Rock-art in Cleveland and north-east Yorkshire: contexts and chronology (Blaise Vyner) ;

Chapter 7: Exploring links between cupmarks and cairnfields (Philip Deakin) ;

Chapter 8: Light at the end of the tunnel: the way megalithic art was viewed and experienced (George Nash) ;

Chapter 9: Rock-art and rough outs: exploring the sacred and social dimensions of prehistoric carvings at Copt Howe, Cumbria (Kate E. Sharpe) ;

Chapter 10: A scattering of images: the rock-art of southern Britain (George Nash) ;

Chapter 11: How the study of rock-art began and developed (Stan Beckensall) ;

Chapter 12: On the fells and beyond: exploring aspects of Northumberland rock-art (Aron D. Mazel)