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Published Dec 2007

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781903767108

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Auctions, Agents and Dealers. The Mechanisms of the Art Market 1660-1830

Fourteen papers presented at a symposium at the Wallace Collection, London, on 12-13 December 2003

Edited by Jeremy Warren, Adriana Turpin


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This volume presents 14 papers on The Mechanisms of the Art Market 1660-1830 presented at a symposium at the Wallace Collection, London in December 2003.



Introduction (Neil De Marchi) ;
1) The Art Trade and its Urban Context: England and the Netherlands compared, 1550-1750 (David Ormrod) ;
2) The Auction Duty Act of 1777: the beginning of institutionalisation of auctions in Britain (Satomi Ohashi) ;
3) The Almoneda: the second-hand art market in Spain (Mari-Tere Alvarez) ;
4) The Market for Netherlandish Paintings in Paris, 1750-1815 (Hans J. Van Miegroet) ;
5) Le tableau et son prix à Paris, 1760-80 (Patrick Michel) ;
6) The System Governing Appraised Value in Ancien Régime France (Alden R. Gordon) ;
7) The Marquis de Vassé Against the Art Dealer Jacques Lenglier: a case-study of an eighteenth-century Parisian auction (François Marandet) ;
8) Pierre Sirois (1665-1726): le premier marchand de Watteau (Guillaume Glorieux) ;
9) The Purchase of the Past: Dr Richard Rawlinson (1690-1755) and the collecting of history (John Cherry) ;
10) John Anderson and John Bouttats: picture dealers in eighteenth-century London (David Connell) ;
11) Sir Godfrey Copley as Patron and Consumer, 1685-1705 (David Mitchell) ;
12) The Rise and Fall of a British Connoisseur: the career of Michael Bryan (1757-1821), picture dealer extraordinaire (Julia Armstrong-Totten) ;
13) ‘In Keeping with the Truth’: the German art market and its role in the development of connoisseurship in the eighteenth century (Thomas Ketelsen) ;
14) Abraham Hume e Giovanni Maria Sasso: il mercato artistico tra Venezia e Londra nel settecento (Linda Borean)