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Published Jul 2024

Archaeopress Access Archaeology


Paperback: 9781803277288

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DOI 10.32028/9781803277288

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Ancient Near East; Conference Proceedings

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Bridging the Gap: Disciplines, Times, and Spaces in Dialogue – Volume 2

Sessions 3, 7 and 8 from the Conference Broadening Horizons 6 Held at the Freie Universität Berlin, 24–28 June 2019

Edited by Nathalie Kallas


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Volume 2 compiles papers presented in three enlightening sessions: Session 3 – Visual and Textual Forms of Communication; Session 7 – The Future of the Past. Archaeologists and Historians in Cultural Heritage Studies; and Session 8 – Produce, Consume, Repeat. History and Archaeology of Ancient Near Eastern Economies.




Introduction – Nathalie Kallas


Session 3 — Visual and Textual Forms of Communication

Meaning and Meaningfulness in the Visual Arts: The Akkadian Legacy in the Ur III Period – Marian H. Feldman

Sexuation of animals’ bodies in the bullae from Qasr-I Abu Nasr – Delphine Poinsot

Generations of Writing: The Secondary Inscriptions of Darius’ tacara at Persepolis – Olivia Ramble

A few insights into the variety of interactions between texts and diagrams in Old Babylonian mathematics – Adeline Reynaud

Chariots, Thrones, and Emblems. Visual/Material Bonds in Old Babylonian Legal Practice – Elisa Roßberger

When Horses and Onagers Collide: The Use of Constraining Force in the Neo-Assyrian Reliefs – Margaux Spruyt

Up/down, close/far, front/back: the conceptualization of the dynamics of power in Hittite texts – Marta Pallavidini

Apotropaic representations on Late Bronze Age ring seals – Benedetta Bellucci

Seal-Impressed Vessels at Hama, Syria (c. 2500-2000 BC) – Agnese Vacca, Valentina Tumolo, Georges Mouamar and Stephen Lumsden

Potmarks on the Lebanese coast: A medium of communication in the Early Bronze Age – Metoda Peršin

Personal Religion in the Ramesside Period from the Deir el-Medina Votive Stelae: A Case for the Study of Iconography – Iria Souto Castro

Texts, scenes and rituals to preserve the memory of the deceased in private tombs at the end of the 18th Dynasty in Thebes – María Silvana Catania

The transmission of priestly science in ancient Egyptian temples of the Graeco-Roman period: The case study of the sacred trees* – Federica Pancin


Session 7 –The Future of the Past. Archaeologists and Historians in Cultural Heritage Studies

Codifying culture: The making of Phoenician style – Lamia Sassine

Come, Tell Me Where You Live! Perceptions of Local Antiquity and Cultural Awareness in the Region of Koya – Cinzia Pappi


Session 8 – Produce, Consume, Repeat. History and Archaeology of Ancient Near Eastern Economies

Making new sense of ancient economies. Markets, networks, and social orders in the pre-Islamic Near East – Eivind Heldaas Seland

Deciphering the Skills of the Prehistoric Painting Technique: Case Study of the Painted Pottery of the 5th Millennium BCE from Tall-e Bakun A (Fars province, Iran) – Takehiro Miki

Persian Female Weavers in the Persepolis Economy – Yazdan Safaee

Shops in Ancient Berytus: New Data from Old Excavations – Hassan El-Hajj

Viticulture in the Roman Colony of Berytus: Economic Considerations – Naseem Raad