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H 290 x W 205 mm

240 pages

250 figures, 70 tables (colour throughout)

Published Apr 2024

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781803277127

Digital: 9781803277134

DOI 10.32028/9781803277127

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Remote Sensing; Satellite Images; Roman Limes; Byzantine; Archaeological Survey; GIS; Mesopotamia

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Satellite and Archaeological Reconnaissance in the Ṭūr ’Abdīn, Turkey

Final Report of the Finnish Swedish Archaeological project in Mesopotamia (FSAPM), 2014-2016

By Kenneth Silver, Minna Silver, Raffaella Pappalardo

Contributions by Markus Törmä

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Presents results from the Finnish-Swedish Archaeological Project in Mesopotamia (FSAPM) pilot study of Tūr Abdin, Turkey. Aiming to record and document sites in this endangered area to save its cultural heritage, the sites consist of fortified remains in an ancient border zone between the Graeco-Roman/Byzantine world and Parthia/Persia.



Preface and Acknowledgments


1. Introduction


2. Previous scholarship


3. Archaeological reconnaissance work


4. Discussion: Keferde, Ömerli


5. Discussion: Beşikkaya Fafe, Ömerli

6. Interpreting the tower tomb at Beşikkaya Fafe

7. The analysed pottery in context

8. The eastern frontier of the Roman Empire and the province of Mesopotamia in the late antiquity – a theatre of escalation and warfare


9. Ṭūr ‘Abdīn – a brief review of the archaeological sources and the limitations in interpretation

10. Mapping and satellite cartography in the Ṭūr ‘Abdīn and beyond

11. Concluding thoughts about peoples, ethnicity, and the eastern limes in context

12. Summary


List of the Figures and Plates

Figure and Plate Credits