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Published Dec 2023

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Numismatics; Ancient Greece; Ancient Rome; Late Antiquity; Byzantine; Medieval

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KOINON: The International Journal of Classical Numismatic Studies 6


The International Journal of Classical Numismatic Studies

Editor-in-Chief Nicholas J. Molinari

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Volume VI includes nine papers on Greek coinage and three in the Byzantine, Medieval, and Early Modern section, followed by a catalog of varieties.



Beauty Worth Sharing: An Introduction to Koinon VI, with Recourse to Marlaina – Nicholas J. Molinari


Greek Coinage

Electrum Coinage of the Scythians – Ivan Butkevych

The Dismounting Horseman Scene on Cilician Coins – Petr Veselý

Minting Anomalies in Greek Sicily: Stepped Flans, Edge Ridges, and Edge Splits – William E. Daehn

A New Overstrike from Abakainon – Nicholas J. Molinari

A Revealing New Addition to the Corpus of Alexander Decadrachms from Babylon – Lloyd W. H. Taylor and Marko Andric

Important Coins from the Collection of Klaus Grigo – Julian Wünsch

The Baktrian Coregency Legend Coinage of Seleukos and Antiochos: Context and Origin – Lloyd W. H. Taylor

A Newly Discovered Coin from Kietis Featuring Acheloios Kalykadnos – Nicholas J. Molinari

Two New Legend Variations of a Rare Greek Coin Type from Amyzon – Christoph Öhm-Kühnle


Medieval and Early Modern Coinage

Two New Palaeologan Torneses – Sam Cowell

The Fourrée Hyperpyra of John V Palaeologus – Sam Cowell

Survey of the Early (pre-1000 AD) Use of Christian Saints’ Names and Images on European Coins – David B. Spenciner and Theodore Dziemianowicz


Catalog of New Varieties