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H 205 x W 290 mm

770 pages

192 figures, 20 maps, 1,012 catalogue images (colour throughout)

Published Nov 2023

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781803276168

Digital: 9781803276175

DOI 10.32028/9781803276168

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Rock Art; Later Prehistory; Tibet; Tibetan Archaeology; Cultural History; Iron Age; Late Bronze Age; Eurasia; Heritage

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A Comprehensive Survey of Rock Art in Upper Tibet: Volume II

Central and Western Byang thang

By John Vincent Bellezza

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Focusing on the central and western parts of the region, this is the second of five volumes that comprehensively document rock art in Upper Tibet. It examines a panoply of graphic evidence found on stone surfaces, supplying an unprecedented view of the long-term development of culture and religion on a large swathe of the Tibetan Plateau.




Section I. General Introduction

Section II. About This Rock Art Inventory

Inventoried Rock Art Sites

Bshag bsangs/Shar tshang (S30)

Stong shong brag khung

Lo bo brag

Brag mthu bo che

Dar chung (S31)

Mgon bdag (S32)

Am nag (S33)

Dang ra khyung rdzong

Sog po

Dang ra g.yu bun

Rong rde’u sna lhas (S34)

Sngon gdong (S35)

Gyam gdong (S36)

Rgya rug (S37)

Brag khung mdzes po (S38)

Mu ro ri (S39)

Rdzong dkar po

Rta ri brag phug (S40)

’Phrang lam (S41)

Lha khang dmar chags (S42)

Rdzong pi phi (S43)

Ri rgyal (S44)

Dkyil sgrum (S45)

Bong lhas brag (S46)

Ba’o lhas (S47)

Phru gu dbyar kha (S48)

Sngor gyam (S49)

Steng rtse mtshams khang (S50)

Brag lung nub ma (S51)

Kham pa rwa co (S52)


Catalogue of Images



About the Author

John Vincent Bellezza PhD is a specialist in the archaeology and cultural history of the highest reaches of the Tibetan Plateau. Author of 12 previous books and many academic articles on these subjects, he spent altogether eight years in Tibet engaged in fieldwork between 1984 and 2019. During the course of his explorations, he became the first westerner to visit the sources of the four major rivers arising in western Tibet and is perhaps the only person to reach most of the islands in the big lakes of the Tibetan tablelands.