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Published Sep 2023

Archaeopress Archaeology


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Frontiers of the Roman Empire

Frontiers of the Roman Empire: The Danube Limes in Austria

Grenzen des Römischen Reiches: Der Donaulimes in Österreich

By David J. Breeze, Andreas Schwarcz, René Ployer

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Austria is particularly fortunate in the survival along the Danube of the remains of many Roman military installations. These include forts and towers, some parts surviving up to two stories high. They are a most remarkable survival and deserve to be better known and more visited.




Foreword by David J. Breeze

Common cultural heritage of the Roman Empire

The Roman Empire

Frontiers and trade

The ‘Frontiers of the Roman Empire’ World Heritage Site

The definition of a World Heritage Site

The task ahead

History and extent of frontiers

Rome’s foreign policy

The location of frontiers

The army and frontiers

The purpose of frontiers

Soldiers and civilians

Military administration

Research on Roman frontiers

Inscriptions and documents

Survey and excavation

Aerial survey and remote sensing

Protection and presentation of frontiers

Future perspectives



The setting of the frontier line

Historical background

Situation in the late Roman times

The frontier installations

Life on the Limes

Research on the Limes

Museums on the Limes

Museums and tourism

Offers for families and schools

Roman Events

Future perspectives

The World Heritage Site

Where to see the Austrian Limes monuments

Further reading

Illustration acknowledgements

About the Author

Professor David J. Breeze has published several books on Roman frontiers and the Roman army. He is a former chairman of the International Congress of Roman Frontier Studies / hat mehrere Bücher über die römischen Grenzen und die römische Armee veröffentlicht. Er ist ehemaliger Vorsitzender des Internationalen Kongresses für Römische Grenzstudien.

Professor Andreas Schwarcz is retired Professor for Medieval History and an expert on Late Roman history at the Austrian Institute for Historical Research, Vienna University / ist Professor für Geschichte des Mittelalters (i.R.) und ein Experte für spätrömische Geschichte am Institut für Österreichische Geschichtsforschung, Universität Wien.


I immediately leafed through your book on the occasion of the Limes World Heritage entry and realized what I had missed over the last 20 years. There are many new excavation results and open-air presentations on the Limes that are shown in your book. So your book will become a guide for me in the coming year, with the help of which I will update myself.’ [translated] – Prof. Dr Falko Daim (2023): Austrian Academy of Sciences

'My congratulations on a didactically, very well-structured book. I will recommend it to my students.' – Juraj Šedivý