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318 pages

357 figures, 75 tables (colour throughout)

Published Oct 2023

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781803276069

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DOI 10.32028/9781803276069

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Northamptonshire; Bronze Age; Roman; Anglo-Saxon; MOLA; Excavations

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Bronze Age, Iron Age, Roman and Saxon settlements along the route of the A43 Corby Link Road, Northamptonshire

By Stephen Morris, Simon Markus, Jim Brown

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This volume reports the results of intermittent archaeological mitigation works for the A43 Corby Link Road, Northamptonshire, undertaken by MOLA (Museum of London Archaeology) between June 2012 to October 2013. Evidence was uncovered relating to Bronze Age, Iron Age, Roman and Saxon settlements.



Chapter 1: Introduction

Project background

Location, topography and geology

Historical and archaeological background


Chapter 2: The archaeological evidence

Period 1: Early Bronze Age (2500BC to 1500BC)

Period 2: Middle Bronze Age (1500BC to 1100BC)

Period 3: Late Bronze Age (1100BC to 800BC)

Period 4: Early Iron Age (800BC-400BC)

Period 5: Middle Iron Age (400BC to 100BC) and late Iron Age (1st century BC to mid-1st century AD)

Period 6: Late Iron Age to early Roman (100BC to AD150)

Period 7: Early to middle Saxon (AD450 to AD850)

Period 8: Medieval to post-medieval


Chapter 3: Finds

Worked Flint by Yvonne Wolframm-Murray

The Bronze Age pottery by Andy Chapman

Middle and late Iron Age pottery by Andy Chapman and Adam Sutton

Later Iron Age and Roman pottery by J R Timby and Adam Sutton

Saxon and later pottery by Paul Blinkhorn

Daub and fired Clay by Pat Chapman

Loomweights by Pat Chapman

Kiln bars by Pat Chapman

Roman tile by Pat Chapman

Medieval and post medieval tile and brick by Rob Atkins and Pat Chapman

Metal and ceramic small finds by Tora Hylton

Vessel glass by Claire Finn

Worked bone and antler by Ian Riddler

Querns and grinding stones by Andy Chapman

Waterlogged wood by Damian Goodburn

Metalworking debris by Andy Chapman

Archaeometallurgical residues by Tim Young


Chapter 4: Human remains by Chris Chinnock and Don Walker


Chapter 5: The faunal and environmental evidence

Animal bone by Matilda Holmes and Rebecca Gordon

Environmental remains by Val Fryer

Analysis of the charcoal wood samples by Imogen Poole

Analysis of the furnace charcoal by Dana Challinor


Chapter 6: Discussion


Period 1: Early-middle Bronze Age

Period 2: Late Bronze Age (1100BC to 800BC)

Period 3: Middle-late Iron Age (400BC to 100BC)

Period 4: Late Iron Age to early Roman (100BC to AD150)

Period 5: Early-middle Saxon (AD450 to AD850)

Period 6: Medieval to post-medieval land use