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Published Oct 2023



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Gardeners; Gardening; England; Eighteenth Century; English garden; Women; Ladies; Gender Studies; Literary Studies; Essays

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Lady Gardeners

Seeds, Roots, Propagation, from England to the Wider World

Edited by Francesca Orestano, Michael Vickers

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The Lady Gardeners are those women who, from the eighteenth century to the present day, have been working in a garden, from imagining and creating it, to sowing, planting, pruning, painting and photographing plants, and moving from garden design to more urgent themes such as landscape conservation and environmental issues.



Introduction: Lady Gardeners, from England to the wider world – Francesca Orestano


Chapter 1: The Eighteenth Century: three princesses at Kew Gardens – Anna Zappatini


Chapter 2: Dorothy Wordsworth: a Romantic garden in the Lake District – Anna Rudelli


Chapter 3: Jane Loudon, notes on gardening for Victorian ladies – Anna Zappatini


Chapter 4: Marianne North, the world is a garden to paint – Anna Zappatini


Chapter 5: Children and Gardens by Gertrude Jekyll: training young gardeners – Anna Rudelli


Chapter 6: Beatrix Potter, playful and scientific illustrations. From Peter Rabbit to landscape conservation – Anna Rudelli


Chapter 7: Garden and Landscape in North America: Beatrix Farrand’s inscription of Eden in the wilderness of the New World – Francesca Orestano


Chapter 8: Vita Sackville-West: a garden that looks like home, from Knole to Sissinghurst – Francesca Orestano


Chapter 9: Edna Walling and her gardening work, or ‘the happiest days of my life’ – Francesca Orestano


Chapter 10: History, design, vision: Sylvia Crowe – Francesca Orestano


Chapter 11: The adventure of an exotic species: Maria Teresa Parpagliolo Shephard – Francesca Orestano


Chapter 12: Rosemary Verey: re-reading English history in the modern garden – Anna Zappatini


Chapter 13: Beth Chatto: going along with the environment, or ‘the right plant for the right place’ – Anna Zappatini

About the Author

Francesca Orestano, Professor of English Literature at the University of Milan, works in the areas of landscape aesthetics, garden history, Victorian and Dickens studies, art criticism and John Ruskin, the gothic and the baroque, and children’s literature.


Michael Vickers is Professor Emeritus of Archaeology at the University of Oxford, and Emeritus Senior Research Fellow in Classical Studies at Jesus College (where he was once Garden Master). His research interests include the archaeology, history and literature of the Greek and Roman worlds.