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210 pages

113 figures, 37 tables (colour throughout)

Published May 2024

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781803275796

Digital: 9781803275802

DOI 10.32028/9781803275796

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Somerset; Post-Roman; Early Medieval; Anglo-Saxon; Church; Churches; Great Estates; Early Parochiae; Royal Villae; Minster Churches

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Reconstructing the Development of Somerset’s Early Medieval Church

New Approaches to Understanding the Relationships between Post-Roman Church Sites, Early Medieval Minsters and Royal Villae in the South-West of England

By Carole Lomas

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This book uses Somerset as a case study to contribute to a broader understanding of how the Church developed across the British Isles during the transition from the post-Roman Church to the 11th century. It collates and cross-references all earlier research and offers the most up-to-date study of Somerset’s post-Roman churches.



Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Sources and methods

Chapter 3: Process and change: the early medieval Church in Somerset

Chapter 4: Identifying Somerset’s pre-eminent early medieval churches

Chapter 5: Identifying Somerset’s royal villae

Chapter 6: Reconstructing Somerset’s early medieval parochiae

Chapter 7: Understanding the context and physical setting of churches

Chapter 8: Somerset’s early medieval parochiae

Chapter 9: Discussion and conclusion



Index of Somerset Place-names

About the Author

Carole Lomas is an independent early medieval historian who began her research into early medieval Somerset while doing an MA at the Centre for Regional and Local History, University of Leicester. She continued her research by completing a PhD at the University of Exeter and this book is the culmination of her research.