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Published Jul 2023

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Paperback: 9781803275079

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DOI 10.32028/9781803275079

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Visigoths; Sueves; Usurper; Rebellion; Spain; Gallaecia; Arianism; Tremisses

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Gallaecia Gothica

From the Conspiracy of Dux Argimundus (AD 589/590) to Integration in the Visigothic Kingdom of Toledo

By Rafael Barroso Cabrera, Jorge Morín de Pablos, Isabel Sánchez Ramos

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This book uses numismatic and archaeological evidence to offer a new interpretation of the Argimundus rebellion, one of the most difficult challenges of Reccared’s reign.




Conspirators and Conspiracies in the Reign of Reccared

Interpreting the Plot of Argimundus

The Scene of the Rebellion

Possible Suevian Origin of Argimundus

Argimundus and Paulus: Parallel Lives of Two Usurpers in Visigothic Spain

Gallaecia during the Visigothic Kingdom of Toledo: From Submission to Conquest

The Rise of the Duchy of Gallaecia: Resurgence of Local Aristocracies and Struggling for Real Power

Conclusion: From the Suevic Kingdom to the Duchy of Gallaecia


About the Author

Rafael Barroso Cabrera has a master’s degree in Prehistory and Archaeology from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. He is the author of many articles and books dedicated to the archaeology of the Visigothic period. He has worked as director of excavations at the Roman sites of Valeria and Ercavica, as well as at various sites from the Visigothic period such as La Dehesa de la Casa and Tinto Juan de la Cruz. He is attached to the Sedes Regia Toletana research project of the Toledo Foundation. His work currently focuses on the archaeological sites of Los Hitos and San Pedro de la Mata.

Jorge Morín de Pablos is a senior PhD researcher, focusing on archaeology from Late Roman to medieval times. He is the director of the Department of Cultural Heritage Resources of AUDEMA (Madrid). He is also member of the Regia Sedes Toletana and IDAVE research projects. Currently he manages the excavations of the archaeological sites of Los Hitos and San Pedro de la Mata.

Isabel Sánchez is a Lecturer in Archaeology at the University of Pablo de Olavide of Seville. Her research interests focus on settlements and the architecture of power in Late Roman and Visigothic times. She is a member of the Regia Sedes Toletana project and has led the IDAVE research project.