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Published Jun 2023

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781803274775

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DOI 10.32028/9781803274775

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Human Brain; Ancient Egypt; Egyptology; Mummification; Radiology; Palaeopathology; Papyri

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The Human Brain in Ancient Egypt

A Medical and Historical Re-evaluation of Its Function and Importance

By Sofia Aziz

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This volume provides a medical and historical re-evaluation of the function and importance of the human brain in ancient Egypt. The study evaluates whether treatment of the brain during anthropogenic mummification was linked to medical concepts of the brain.



Chronology ;
Chapter 1: Introduction ;
Chapter 2: Literature review ;
Chapter 3: A re-evaluation of mummification and treatment of the brain ;
Chapter 4: Trauma care and neurosurgery in Ancient Egypt ;
Chapter 5: Palaeopathological evidence of cranial surgery ;
Chapter 6: Conclusion ;
Appendix A ;
Appendix B: Book of the Dead: Spell 30b (Faulkner, 2010) ;
Appendix C: Book of the Dead: Spell 166: Spell for a headrest (Faulkner, 2010) ;
Appendix D ;

About the Author

Sofia Aziz is an independent researcher on the medicine and mummification procedures of the ancient Egyptians. She holds an MSc in Biomedical Egyptology from the KNH Centre, University of Manchester, a BSc Hons in Human Sciences and a Certificate in Egyptology. She regularly gives talks on biomedical Egyptology and has featured in TV documentaries including Tutankhamun: Waking the Dead on Channel 5 with Bettany Hughes.