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Published Mar 2023

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781803274539

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DOI 10.32028/9781803274539

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Pastoralism; Monuments; Mobile Peoples; Oman; Dhofar; Arabia

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Persistent Pastoralism: Monuments and Settlements in the Archaeology of Dhofar

By Joy McCorriston

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A summary of archaeological work along the Dhofar plateau and its backslope into the Nejd of Southern Oman, this book documents survey and excavation of small-scale stone monuments and pastoral settlements.



List of illustrations and tables ;
Acknowledgments ;
Glossary notes ;
1. A Story and Its Meaning ;
2. Dhofar’s Pastoral Landscape ;
3. Archaeology in Dhofar: The Arabian Human Social Dynamics (AHSD) Project ;
4. Cultural Inheritance of the Dhofar Pastoralists ;
5. Building Pastoral Communities in the Neolithic (5000–4500 BCE) ;
6. Tribes in the Bronze Age (3200–1500 BCE) ;
7. Cultivating Pastoralism in the Late Iron Age (400 BCE–400 CE) ;
8. Mobility and Community in the Late Iron Age (300 BCE–500 CE) ;
9. Patterns of Monuments and Settlement Shaped Dhofar ;
Bibliography ;

About the Author

Joy McCorriston is an anthropological archaeologist who has conducted multi-disciplinary research in Southern Arabia since 1996. She earned a PhD from Yale University in 1992, then a Smithsonian Postdoctoral Fellowship to study early food production. Her multi-national team identified Neolithic pastoral specialization and social practices, which she published in Pilgrimage and Household in the Ancient Near East and (with Michael Harrower) Landscape History of Hadramawt. She authored numerous articles and a textbook, World Prehistory and the Anthropocene. She teaches at The Ohio State University, where she is director of the Middle East Studies Center.