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Published Jan 2023

Archaeopress Archaeology


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DOI 10.32028/9781803274317

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Western Desert; Proscription of Seth; Predynastic; ceramics; figurines; women; iconography; private letters; mummification

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Australasian Egyptology Conference 4

Papers from the Fourth Australasian Egyptology Conference Dedicated to Gillian E. Bowen

Edited by Colin A. Hope, Bruce E. Parr, Carlo Rindi Nuzzolo

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Papers from the Fourth Australasian Egyptology Conference held at Monash University in 2016 and dedicated to Gillian E. Bowen who retired from Monash that year. The contributions include several on Egypt’s Western Desert where Monash has been engaged in fieldwork for many years in the the Dakhleh Oasis.



Gillian E. Bowen: A Brief Tribute – Colin A. Hope ;

Publications by Gillian E. Bowen ;

A Note on the Cultural Status of Rural Settlements in Roman Egypt – Ben Bassett ;

Interpretation of Mummification Practices in Child Mummies of the Graeco/Roman Period – Janet Davey ;

A Roman-Egyptian Military Campaign of the Third Century CE in the Northern Region of the Western Desert – Paul Kucera ;

Preliminary Discussions on a Prosopographic Study of the Involvement of Non-Royal Women in New Kingdom Religious Practices – Meg Lisle ;

Three Funerary Textiles from Dayr Abu Matta, Dakhleh Oasis – Rosanne Livingstone ;

Oasis Ceramics of the Third Intermediate Period: Identifying Regional Traditions – Richard J. Long ;

A Fifth Century Virgin Mary: Enthroned as the Queen of Heaven? – Glennda Susan Marsh-Letts ;

Intention or Accident? Discussion of Deliberate Breakage of Human Figurines in Predynastic Burials – Ryna Ordynat ;

The Mothers, Wives and Daughters of the High Officials at Beni Hassan – Aymie Paull ;

A Technological Study of Badarian Pottery from Hemamieh – Tracey Pilgrim ;

Cartonnage Mummy Masks from Kellis (Ismant al-Kharab, Dakhleh Oasis) Featuring the Jackal Motif: New Insights on Regionalism after the 2017 Study Season – Carlo Rindi Nuzzolo ;

Can a Menesh Vessel be Identified at Gebel el-Silsila? – Michael A. Stephens ;

An Extra Dimension: The Important Personal Insight Ancient Egyptian Private Letters Provide to Augment Visual Evidence – Sue Thorpe ;

Where are the Funerary Figurine Depictions (or The Nature of Work) in Book of the Dead Spell 110 Vignettes? – Sharyn Volk ;

Iconoclasm in Degrees: On the Proscription of Seth (again) – Ashten Warfe

About the Author

Colin Hope is a senior adjunct research fellow in the Centre for Ancient Cultures at Monash University, where he co-founded the archaeology programme and taught Egyptology until 2017; he directs excavations in Egypt’s Dakhleh Oasis.

Bruce Parr is senior illustrator for the Dakhleh Oasis Project and a printer by trade, who has been responsible for the production of many of the project’s monographs.

Carlo Rindi Nuzzolo is an authority on Egyptian funerary practices and currently a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Global Fellow; previously, he was Lead Curator for a cultural heritage project based at the British Museum.