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Published Dec 2022

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Medieval; Landscape Archaeology; Settlement

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Medieval Settlement Research 37

Medieval Settlement Research No. 37, 2022

The Journal of the Medieval Settlement Research Group

Edited by Mark McKerracher


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The journal of the Medieval Settlement Research Group (MSRG), a long-established, widely recognised and open multi-disciplinary research group that facilitates collaboration between archaeologists, geographers, historians and other interested parties.



Editorial ;

Announcements ;
In Memoriam: David Neville Hall (1938–2021) – Bill Franklin ;

Articles ;
Sharing out the land of the Northumbrians: exploring place-names and township boundaries (part three) – Stuart Wrathmell ;
War, peace and pollen: examining the landscape of later medieval Wales – Tudur Davies ;

Reports ;
An enclosed medieval farmstead at Great Ellingham, Norfolk – Mick Boyle (with contributions by Sue Anderson, Frances Green, Joshua White and Val Fryer. Illustrations by David Dobson) ;
Test pit excavation within currently occupied rural settlements in the Czech Republic, Netherlands, Poland and United Kingdom – Results of the CARE project 2021 – Carenza Lewis, Pavel Vařeka, Heleen van Londen, Johan Verspay, Arkadiusz Marciniak, Kornelia Kajda and Dawid Kobiałka ;

Book Reviews Edited by Neil Christie ;
Niall Brady & Claudia Theune (eds), Ruralia XII: Settlement Change across Medieval Europe. Old Paradigms and New Vistas. (Neil Christie) ;
Jayne Carroll, Andrew Reynolds & Barbara Yorke (eds), Power & Place in Europe in the Early Middle Ages. (Neil Christie) ;
Chris Green & Miranda Creswell, The Shaping of the English Landscape. An Atlas of Archaeology from the Bronze Age to Domesday Book. (Mark McKerracher) ;
John Blair, Stephen Rippon & Christopher Smart, Planning in the Early Medieval Landscape. (Carenza Lewis) ;
Neil Christie & Paul Stamper (eds), Medieval Rural Settlement. Britain and Ireland, AD 8001600. (Della Hooke) ;
Piers Dixon & Claudia Theune (eds), Ruralia XIII: Seasonal Settlement in the Medieval and Early Modern Countryside. (Mark McKerracher) ;
Christopher C. Thornton (ed.), St Osyth to the Naze: North-East Essex Coastal Parishes. The Victoria History of the Counties of England. A History of the County of Essex, Volume XII, Part 2: The Soken: Kirby-le Soken, Thorpe-le-Soken and Walton-le-Soken. (David Andrews) ;
Drew Shotliff & David Ingham, Stratton, Biggleswade: 1,300 Years of Village Life in Eastern Bedfordshire from the 5th Century AD. (Christopher Dyer) ;
Philip Rahtz† & Lorna Watts, St Gregory’s Minster, Kirkdale, North Yorkshire: Archaeological Investigations and Historical Context. (John Blair) ;
William O’Brien & Nick Hogan, Garranes. An Early Medieval Royal Site in South-West Ireland. (Deirdre O’Sullivan) ;
Tadhg O’Keeffe, Ireland Encastellated, AD 950–1550. Insular Castle-Building in its European Context. (Oliver Creighton) ;
Seán Duffy (ed.), Medieval Dublin XVIII. (Deirdre O’Sullivan) ;
I. G. Simmons, Fen and Sea. The Landscapes of South-East Lincolnshire AD 5001700. (Stephen Rippon) ;
Edward Martin, Hitcham: A Landscape, Social, and Ecclesiastical History of a Suffolk Clayland Parish. (Paul Stamper) ;
David Griffiths & Jane Harrison (eds), The Archaeology of East Oxford. Archeox: The Development of a Community. (Neil Christie) ;
David Dungworth, Colin Clark, Paul Linford, Tom Munnery, Sarah Paynter & Rob Poulton, Glassmaking in the Weald. Survey, Excavation and Scientific Analysis 2010–2018. (Ben Jervis) ;
Arwen Wood, 50 Finds from Buckinghamshire. Objects from the Portable Antiquities Scheme. (Matt Tuohy) ;
Kate Tiller, English Local History. An Introduction (3rd Edition). (Paul Stamper) ;
Nicholas Orme, Going to Church in Medieval England. (Warwick Rodwell) ;

Membership Changes 2021 ;

Annual Report of the Trustees for 2022 ;

MSRG Financial Statement

About the Author

Mark McKerracher is a Postdoctoral Researcher in the School of Archaeology at the University of Oxford, where he completed his DPhil – studying Mid Saxon agriculture – in 2014. After working in museum archiving, software development and freelance archaeobotany, he is currently researching medieval farming practices as part of the ERC-funded Feeding Anglo- Saxon England project (FeedSax). His interests include archaeobotany, database development, agricultural production and Anglo-Saxon archaeology.