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182 pages

19 black and white figures, 13 colour figures

Published Nov 2022

Archaeopress Journals


Paperback: 9781803273969

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Anglo-Welsh Border; Archaeology; Anglo-Saxon; Borderlands; Early Medieval

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Offa's Dyke Journal 4

Offa's Dyke Journal: Volume 4 for 2022

Special issue: Borders in Early Medieval Britain

Edited by Ben Guy, Howard Williams, Liam Delaney


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The contents of this special issue comprise the proceedings of a conference held over Zoom on the weekend of 11–12 July 2020.



Borders in Early Medieval Britain: Introducing the Special Issue – Ben Guy ;

The Fluidity of Borderlands – Lindy Brady ;

Bige Habban: An Introduction to Money, Trade and Cross-Border Traffic – Rory Naismith ;

Donation and Conquest: The Formation of Lothian and the Origins of the Anglo-Scottish Border – Neil McGuigan ;

King Æthelstan and Cornwall – Oliver Padel ;

The Changing Approaches of English Kings to Wales in the Tenth and Eleventh Centuries – Ben Guy ;

Place-names and Offa’s Dyke: The Limits of Inference – David N. Parsons ;

The Organisation of the Mid–Late Anglo-Saxon Borderland with Wales – Keith Ray ;

Shifting Border, Shifting Interpretation: what the Anglo-Norman Castle of Dodleston in Cheshire might be trying to tell us about the eleventh-century northern Anglo-Welsh Border – Rachel E. Swallow


'This collection of papers gives a strong insight into the debates about how ‘borders’ might fluctuate and the conclusions which careful analysis may offer. For those primarily interested in Offa’s Dyke it is a taste of what the next few decades of archaeological, place name and historical study may bring.' – Alan Lane (2023): Archaeologia Cambrensis Vol. 172