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Published Aug 2023

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Arabian Peninsular; North-West Arabia; AlUla; Mapping; Survey; Excavation

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Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies 51

Revealing Cultural Landscapes in North-West Arabia

Supplement to the Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies volume 51

Edited by Rebecca Foote, Maria Guagnin, Ingrid Périssé, Steve Karacic

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These papers present a range of recent discoveries that demonstrate north-west Arabia’s centrality to understanding the greater region and further, and to begin to clarify the extraordinary richness of life in this pivotal zone of the Arabian Peninsula from the Palaeolithic through to the Islamic period.



Guidelines and Transliteration

Editor’s Foreword

Discovering al‑ʿUlā (AlUla): extensive landscape survey and targeted excavations in the al‑ʿUlā Core Area – Laura Morabito, Jamie Quartermaine, Kirk Roberts, Christopher A. Tuttle & Wael Abu-Azizeh

Results from the aerial archaeology in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, al‑ʿUlā (AlUla) and Khaybar Projects: 2018–2021 – Hugh Thomas, Melissa A. Kennedy, Matthew Dalton, Jane McMahon, Rebecca Repper, David D. Boyer & Aimee-Leah Gellard

Mapping an Arabian oasis: first results of the UCOP systematic survey of al‑ʿUlā (AlUla) Valley (2019–2021) – Julien Charbonnier, Yasmin Kanhoush, Julie Gravier, Gaël Gourret, Imane Achouche, Vincent Bernollin, Sofian Boudia, Walter Bucci, Barbara Chiti, Pascale Clauss-Balty, Vincent Colard, Emmanuelle Devaux, Armance Dupont-Delaleuf, Alexandre De Smet, Cassandra Furstos, Julie Goy, Mathias Haze, Tobias Hofstetter, Romuald Housse, Thomas Huet, Céline Marquaire, Maria Paola Pellegrino, Catherine Raad, Jean-Daniel Ricart, Alexia Rosak, Ahmad F. Saïd, David Serres, Pierre Siméon, Francelin Tourtet & Jessica Giraud

Khaybar through time. First results of the Khaybar Longue Durée Archaeological Project (2020−2021) in the light of historical sources – Guillaume Charloux, Rémy Crassard, Munirah AlMushawh, Diaa Albukaai, Guillaume Chung-To, Bruno Depreux, Kévin Guadagnini, Laurence Hapiot, Yamandú H. Hilbert, Stephen McPhillips, Jérôme Norris, Emmanuelle Régagnon, Shadi Shabo & Saifi Alshilali

The Camel Site reliefs — an investigation of the site’s original layout and use – Maria Guagnin, Guillaume Charloux, Mathew Stewart, Pascal Mora, Abdullah M. Alsharekh, Yamandú Hilbert, Huw S. Groucutt, Ahmad AlQaeed & Yasser AlAli

The Horn Chamber Mustatil: a Neolithic open-air sanctuary evidencing pastoral nomadic ritual activity in the north-western Arabian Desert (al‑ʿUlā [AlUla]) – Wael Abu-Azizeh, Jacqueline Studer, Saeed Alahmari, Angela Boyle, Lucie Dausse, Jamie Quartermaine, Laura Strolin, Olivier Tombret & Antoine Zazzo


New clues to the development of the oasis of Dadan. Results from a test excavation at Tall al‑Sālimīyah (al‑ʿUlā [AlUla], Saudi Arabia) – Jérôme Rohmer, Fabien Lesguer, Charlène Bouchaud, Louise Purdue, Abdulrahman Alsuhaibani, Francelin Tourtet, Hervé Monchot, Vladimir Dabrowski, Alexia Decaix, Xavier Desormeau, Rozan Alkhatib Alkontar & Hugo Reiller


Ḥegrā (al-Ḥijr), a Lihyanite caravan city? A reassessment of the early settlement in Ḥegrā/Madāʾin Ṣāliḥ – Caroline Durand & Thomas Bauzou