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Published Jan 2023

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781803273907

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DOI 10.32028/9781803273907

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Russia; Northeast Asia; Palaeolithic; Soviet Archaeology

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The Palaeolithic of Northeast Asia

The History and Results of Research in 1940–1980

By Vitaly A. Kashin

Translated by Richard L. Bland, Yaroslav V. Kuzmin

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This volume combines details of discoveries of Palaeolithic sites in a vast region of Northeast Asia (covering mostly the northeastern part of modern Russia), and meticulous analysis of hypotheses, ideas, and concepts related to the Northeast Asian Palaeolithic.



Translators’ introduction ;

Introduction ;

Chapter I: Beginning of Palaeolithic Studies in Northeast Asia.Activities of the Lena Historical–Archaeological Expedition.The Period of Initial Accumulation of Data (1948–1959) ;

Chapter II: Investigations of the Palaeolithic of Aldan River and Kamchatka Peninsula.The Determination of Local Cultures and Creation of Regional Cultural-Chronological Schemes in the Evolution of the Palaeolithic of Northeast Asia (1960–1969) ;
Sites of the Aldan River ;
The Ushki Palaeolithic Complex ;

Chapter III: Investigations of the Palaeolithic in Yakutia, Western Coastal Region of the Okhotsk Sea, Chukotka, and Kamchatka.Further Development of Concepts about the Palaeolithic of Northeast Asia (1970–1980) ;
Yakutsk Research Programme ;
Magadan Research Programme ;

Chapter IV: Some Research Problems of the Northeast Asian Palaeolithic ;

Conclusion ;

References ;
Published Sources ;
Archival Materials ;


About the Author

Vitaly A. Kashin (1946–2010) was involved in archaeology from the age of nineteen. He participated as an employee of the Institute of Language, Literature, and History (Yakutsk) in excavations of all important Palaeolithic sites in the Aldan River basin from the mid-1960s to the late 1980s, gaining first-hand knowledge of its prehistory and stratigraphy including controversial issues. In 1991, he defended his Cand. Sci. (PhD equivalent) dissertation that forms the basis of this book. Kashin then moved to the Institute of Humanitarian Studies, Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), and continued archaeological work in the Kolyma River basin until the late 2000s.

Richard L. Bland studied Alaskan prehistory in the 1970s-1990s (PhD 1996, University of Oregon). He has translated numerous books and articles on the archaeology of Northeastern Siberia and the Russian Far East, helping to bring the rich Soviet/Russian records of prehistory and early history to the international scholarly community.

Yaroslav V. Kuzmin has been studying the geoarchaeology of the Russian Far East, Siberia, and neighbouring Northeast Asia since 1979 (PhD 1991; DSc 2007). He has also assisted in translating and editing books on the archaeology of eastern Russia.


The book The Palaeolithic of Northeast Asia is awelcome diffusion of knowledge; in part a very useful survey of the Upper Palaeolithic of the northeastern vastness of Eurasia, as well as a detailed survey of its regional Palaeolithic cultural record. Its focus on lithics is a product of its time, but amidst the line drawings of lithics lies much weighty, useful and still current information vital to the understanding of human dispersals across—and beyond—the entire continent. Drawing from Kashin’s meticulous research, Bland and Kuzmin have done us a great service.’ – Paul Pettitt (2023): Antiquity Vol. 97 (395)