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Published Mar 2023

Archaeopress Archaeology


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Roman Britain; Villas; Romano-British; Buildings; Architecture; Britain; Roman

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Archaeopress Roman Archaeology 95

Villas, Sanctuaries and Settlement in the Romano-British Countryside

New Perspectives and Controversies

Edited by Martin Henig, Grahame Soffe, Kate Adcock, Anthony King

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This volume brings together a range of papers on buildings that have been categorised as ‘villas’, mainly in Roman Britain, from the Isle of Wight to Shropshire. It comprises the first such survey for almost half a century.



Roman villas in Britain and beyond – Martin Henig, Anthony King and Grahame Soffe ;

Where, when and what for? Coin use in the Romano-British countryside – Philippa Walton ;

Villa mosaics and archaeology – Patricia Witts ;

The Roman villas of the Lower Nene Valley and the Praetorium at Castor – Stephen G. Upex ;

Piddington, Northamptonshire: wealthy private farm or imperial property? – Roy and Diana Friendship-Taylor ;

Whitley Grange villa, Shropshire: a hunting lodge and its landscape – Roger White ;

Moor Park, Hertfordshire: two evaluations of an excavation of the 1950s – Victoria Leitch and Martin Biddle ;

Great Witcombe, Gloucestershire: a reinterpretation of the site as a temple rather than a villa – Bryn Walters and David Rider ;

Chedworth, Gloucestershire: a question of interpretation – Bryn Walters and David Rider ;

Acroterial decoration and cantharus fountains – Anthony Beeson ;

The stones with Chi-Rho inscriptions at Chedworth – Stephen R. Cosh ;

The St Laurence School villa, Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire – Mark Corney ;

Dinnington and Yarford: two villas in south and west Somerset – Anthony C. King, with a contribution by Christina Grande ;

The Ashtead Roman villa and tileworks – David Bird ;

Lullingstone Roman villa – Martin Henig and Grahame Soffe, with a contribution by Anthony King ;

Clinging to Britannia’s hemline: continuity and discontinuity in villa estates, boundaries and historic land use on the islands of Vectis and TanatisDavid Tomalin ;

Where did Sidonius Apollinaris live? – John Collis ;

From Roman villa to medieval village at the Mola di Monte Gelato, Lazio, Italy – Anthony C. King ;


About the Author

Martin Henig is a Research Associate of the School of Archaeology, University of Oxford and Academic Adviser to the Association for Roman Archaeology.

Grahame Soffe is Chairman of the Association for Roman Archaeology and Editor of ARA, the Bulletin of the Association.

Kate Adcock is a Trustee of the Association for Roman Archaeology and Editor of ARA News.

Anthony King is Emeritus Professor of Roman Archaeology, University of Winchester, and President of the Association for Roman Archaeology.