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35 figures, 8 tables, 24 maps (colour throughout)

Published Dec 2022

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781803273389

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Illicit Trafficking; Cultural Properties; Arab States; Looting; Theft; Heritage; Archaeology

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Illicit Trafficking of Cultural Properties in Arab States

By Anas Al Khabour

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Offering an overview of the phenomenon of illicit trafficking of cultural properties, this book serves as a reference point for governments, enforcement agencies, international organizations, stakeholders, and civil societies. The geographic focus is the Arab World: the countries in the Middle East, Gulf of Arabia, Horn of Africa and North Africa.



Foreword ;
الإتجار غير المشروع بالممتلكات الثقافية في الدول العربية ;
Abstract ;
Abrégé: Le trafic illicite de biens culturels dans les États arabes ;
خلاصة ;
Summary ;
Résumé ;
Chapter One: Introduction ;
Chapter Two: Methodology ;
Chapter Three: Online platforms and auctions: online trafficking of cultural properties ;
Chapter Four: Risk Markets and the ‘end destination’ concept ;
Chapter Five: Mapping routes of illicit trafficking of cultural properties ;
Chapter Six: Illicit trafficking of cultural properties and financing of terrorism ;
Chapter Seven: Measuring illicit trafficking of cultural properties ;
Chapter Eight: Arab States and the international conventions on combating illicit trafficking of cultural properties ;
Chapter Nine: Conclusion ;
Annex 1: References ;
Annex 2: List Antiquities Laws in Arab States ;
Annexe 3: Seizures of antiquities in Arab States

About the Author

Anas Al Khabour was director of the National Museum of Raqqa (2003-2008) and Director of the Antiquities Department of Raqqa (2006-2008). He has led and participated in numerous surveys and excavations in the Euphrates Valley through national, joint and international expeditions. He has worked as a researcher and lecturer at Gothenburg University in Sweden, the University Libre de Bruxelles, and was Curator of the Ancient Middle East Collection at the National Museums for World Culture in Stockholm. Currently, he is a researcher at Lund University in Sweden. His research focuses on Ancient Mesopotamian archaeology as well as endangered cultural heritage.