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Published Dec 2022

Archaeopress Journals


Paperback: 9781803273075

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Ancient Near East; Uruk; Elam; Terracottas; Assyria; Swords; Oman; Sumerian

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Ash-sharq: Bulletin of the Ancient Near East 6

Ash-sharq: Bulletin of the Ancient Near East No 6 1-2, 2022

Archaeological, Historical and Societal Studies

Edited by Laura Battini


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Ash-sharq is a journal devoted to short articles on the archaeology, history and society of the Ancient Near East.


About the Author

Laura Battini is an archaeologist specialised in the Ancient Near East. She is currently a researcher at the French National Centre of Scientific Research (Laboratory PROCLAC, UMR 7192, directed by Thomas Römer). Laura created a new journal for the Ancient Near East (Ash sharq: Bulletin of the Ancient Near East, Archaeopress), and is the editor of the archaeological series Archaeopress Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology.