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302 pages

582 figures, 1 table (colour throughout)

Published Nov 2022

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781803272436

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Achaemenid Empire; Hellenism; Greek Imports; Colchis; Caucasian Iberia

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Two Cemeteries at Takhtidziri (Georgia)

Late Achaemenid–Early Hellenistic and Late Hellenistic–Early Roman

Edited by Iulon Gagoshidze, Michael Vickers, Darejan Kacharava, David Gagoshidze

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This book publishes excavations at two cemeteries located near to the village of Takhtidziri in Shida Kartli, the central region of Georgia. The grave goods recovered are diverse and suggest that the kingdom of Kartli (Caucasian Iberia) was involved in international trade and economic relations in the Late Hellenistic and Early Roman period.



Introduction – Iulon Gagoshidze ;

1. The History of Archaeological Excavations of Takhtidziri Cemeteries – Iulon Gagoshidze ;

2. The Late Achaemenid-Early Hellenistic Period Cemetery ;
2.1 Introduction (Iulon Gagoshidze) ;
2.2 The Structure of Graves and Burial Practice (Iulon Gagoshidze) ;
2.3 Grave Goods (Iulon Gagoshidze) ;
2.4 Conclusion (Iulon Gagoshidze) ;
2.5 Catalogue (Iulon Gagoshidze, Nana Gogiberidze) ;

3. The Late Hellenistic - Early Roman period Cemetery – David Gagoshidze ;
3.1 Introduction ;
3.2 The Structure of Graves and Burial Practice ;
3.3 Conclusion ;
3.4 Description of Burials and Grave Goods ;

4. Technical Investigation of Metal Artifacts Discovered at Takhtidziri – Nino Kalandadze, Nino Kebuladze ;
4.1 Research Methodology ;
4.2 Outcomes of Research ;
4.3 Conclusion ;


About the Author

Iulon Gagoshidze is a consultant at the Georgian National Museum and an Academician of the Gelati Academy of Sciences. He was director of several archaeological expeditions in Georgia, Azerbaijan, Israel and Cyprus. His research centres on the archaeology of the Achaemenid, Hellenistic and Roman periods. He is the author of ten monographs and over 300 articles.

Michael Vickers is Professor Emeritus of Archaeology at the University of Oxford, an Emeritus Fellow of Jesus College, and former Curator of Greek and Roman Antiquities at the Ashmolean Museum. He was co-director of the joint British-Georgian Pichvnari Expedition 1998–2010 and co-director of the survey and partial excavation of the Roman circus at Leptis Magna in 1974.

Darejan Kacharava is Deputy Director of the Georgia National Museum and Director of the Vani Archaeological Expedition (Georgia). She is the author of over 60 articles about classical archaeology. She was previously Lecturer at the University of Georgia.

David Gagoshidze is an invited lecturer at the Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University and assistant curator at the Georgian National Museum. He is Head of the Dedoplis Gora Archaeological Expedition (Georgia).


'Translator N. Gabunia is to be congratulated for producing a clear and idiomatic English text, assisted by Michael Vickers, who is credited with proof-reading the whole, which is remarkably free of errors. The photography is first-rate and beautifully reproduced, and the scholarship impeccable. Iulon Gagoshidze and the team he assembled not only saved the site, but in this English edition they have provided western readers with an inviting pathway into the world of Georgian archaeology.' – Susan Rotroff (2023): Bryn Mawr Classical Review