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Published Feb 2023

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781803272191

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Pottery; Ceramics; Late Hellenistic; Roman; Boeotia; Ancient Economies; Regionality

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Shaping Regionality in Socio-Economic Systems: Late Hellenistic - Late Roman Ceramic Production, Circulation, and Consumption in Boeotia, Central Greece (c. 150 BC–AD 700)

By Dean Peeters

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This book sheds some necessary light on local economies from the (late) Hellenistic to the Late Roman period. The concepts of regions and regionality are employed to explore the complexity of ancient economies and (ceramic) variability and change in Boeotia (Central Greece), largely on the basis of the survey data generated by the Boeotia Project.



Introduction ;
1. Approaching local economies, regions, and regionality in the ancient world ;
2. The Geographies of Boeotia ;
3. A (socio-economically geared) history and archaeology of Hellenistic-Late Roman Boeotia ;
4. Proxies to explore the economies of Hellenistic-Late Roman Boeotia with focus on Thespiae, Askra, Hyettos, Tanagra, and their surroundings ;
5. Ceramics and their value for gaining additional insights in ancient economies ;
6. Ceramic methodology ;
7. The ceramic production evidence from the surveys and rescue-excavations and the chronology and output of local production ;
8. Exploring the macroscopically defined fabric-groups on the basis of pXRF measurements ;
9. Different settings, different products? The location of Boeotian ceramic production: centripetal and centrifugal forces ;
10. An introduction of (imported) ceramics in circulation in Boeotia ;
11. Ceramic circulation and consumption in Thespiae and the Valley of the Muses ;
12. Ceramic circulation and consumption in Hyettos and its administrative hinterland ;
13. Ceramic circulation and consumption in Tanagra and its administrative hinterland ;
14. Ceramic circulation in Boeotia from a comparative perspective ;
15. Discussion and conclusions: Shaping ceramic and socio-economic regionality in (Late) Hellenistic-Late Roman Boeotia ;

About the Author

Dean Peeters obtained his BA and MA in Mediterranean Archaeology at Leiden University. He has carried out fieldwork in Greece, Turkey and Jordan. From 2011 onwards, he has been involved in the Boeotia Project as a student and ceramic specialist, culminating in the PhD research that forms the basis of this book, which was carried out at the University of Cologne within the research group ‘Archaeology of Pre-Modern Economies’. Dean is currently employed as a project manager in Dutch contract archaeology (geological/geomorphological studies) and involved in the preparation of the Boeotia Project Monographs for the Valley of the Muses and Tanagra.


The work is an excellent addition to our knowledge of ceramics in Greece and furthers an understanding of Late Hellenistic and Roman Greece that supersedes simple narratives of economic boom and bust.’ – Joseph Frankl (2023): Bryn Mawr Classical Review

'...this study provides an excellent starting point for exploring the local consumption of pottery at a regional and micro level, but also for comparing different areas of Boeotia, not least because it emphasizes the difficulties inherent in the interpretation of such fragmentary and damaged material, even when it is abundant.' – Natacha Massar (2022): Herom, volume 11