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Published Aug 2022

Archaeopress Archaeology


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Nineveh; Pottery; Assyria; Archaeology; Mesopotamia; Sennacherib; Cities

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Pottery from the University of California, Berkeley Excavations in the Area of the Maški Gate (MG22), Nineveh, 1989-1990

By Eleanor Barbanes Wilkinson, Stephen Lumsden

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Nineveh, Iraq, is one of the longest occupied cities in the world, dating at least back to the mid-7th millennium BC. UC Berkeley excavations uncovered a district of large dwellings and wide streets near the Maški Gate (MG22), providing a stratigraphic history of Late Assyrian ceramics at the centre of the empire through to the 7th century BC.



Preface ;

Chapter 1. Introduction ;
The MG22 Pottery Catalogue: Project History ;
Historical Context of the MG22 Pottery Assemblage ;
Regional Archaeological Context: Relating the MG22 Pottery to Other Sites ;
Methodology ;
The MG22 Pottery Data Set ;

Chapter 2. MG22 Vessel Types: Representative Pottery Categories ;
MG22 Vessel Types – Bowls ;
MG22 Vessel Types – Jars ;
Decorated Pottery ;
Painted and Glazed Pottery (MG22 Catalogue Plates 9.07; 19.1-3; 19.21; 24.1-7; 27.08; 33.21; 33.23) ;

Chapter 3. MG22 Pottery According to Stratigraphic Level ;
Level IV ;
Level IVd (Catalogue Plates 30-33) ;
Level IVb (Catalogue Plate 25) and Level IVc (Catalogue Plates 26-29) ;
Level IVa (Catalogue Plates 20-24) ;

Level III ;
Level IIIc (Catalogue Plates 13-19) ;
Level IIIa (Catalogue Plate 12) and Level IIIb (Catalogue Plate 12) ;

Level II ;
Level IIb (Catalogue Plates 10-11) ;
Level IIa (Catalogue Plates 5-9) ;

Level I (Catalogue Plates 1-4) ;

Chapter 4. Discussion ;
The Identification of Post-Assyrian Pottery in MG22 ;
Nineveh After 612 BC: Evidence from the Hinterlands ;
The Occupation Sequence in MG22 ;

Bibliography ;

Catalogue of MG22 Pottery According to Level ;

Catalogue Plates

About the Author

Eleanor Barbanes Wilkinson has excavated and surveyed extensively across the Middle East and in the Caucasus. She holds a PhD in Near Eastern Archaeology from the University of California at Berkeley, and is a trained architect. She has led research projects at the University of Edinburgh and at Durham University, and was most recently an honorary Visiting Professor at the Institute of Archaeology, University College London.

Stephen Lumsden is a Near Eastern Archaeologist, with a PhD from the University of California, Berkeley. He is Assistant Curator in the Department of Modern History and World Cultures, National Museum of Denmark. He is currently part of an international team studying the collection in the museum from the Danish excavations in the 1930s at the site of Hama, in Syria.