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Published Oct 2022

Archaeopress Access Archaeology


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Iron Age; Orientalizing Period; Iberian Peninsula; Pottery; Archaeometry; Petrography

The Iberian Peninsula in the Iron Age through Pottery Studies

Edited by Michał Krueger, Violeta Moreno Megías

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Seven papers read at the international conference, Interdisciplinary research on pottery from the Iberian Peninsula (Poznań, 2019) deal with various aspects of Iron Age pottery including technology, decoration, chemical and mineralogical properties, commerce and social use through archaeological science and the presentation of ongoing fieldwork.



Introduction – Michał Krueger, Violeta Moreno Megías ;

Las cerámicas grises en contextos de los siglos VIII-VI a. C.: los casos de La Fonteta y Herna/Peña Negra – Alberto J. Lorrio Alvarado, Mariano Torres Ortiz, Ester López Rosendo ;

Análisis petrográfico y microestructural de las cerámicas decoradas de Peña Negra I (Crevillent, Alicante) (925-725/700 Cal BC) – Miguel del Pino Curbelo, Alberto J. Lorrio Alvarado, Jaume Buxeda i Garrigós, Irene Vinader Antón ;

The transition between Bronze Age and Iron Age in SW Iberia: a petrographic approach – Violeta Moreno Megías ;

Report on XRF analysis of handmade à chardon vessels from the southwestern part of the Iberian Peninsula – Michał Krueger ;

Influencias mediterráneas documentadas en la llanura occidental del Noreste de la Península Ibérica. Revisión de materiales y nuevas aportaciones – Alba Castellano ;

The Greek presence in the Iberian Peninsula – Bartłomiej Walkowski ;

La circulación de la cerámica entre el Marruecos Antiguo y la península ibérica – Mohamed El Mhassani

About the Author

Michał Krueger graduated in Archaeology and Spanish Philology and defended his PhD thesis in 2011 at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. His research explores the archaeology of ancient Iberia, with a particular focus on pottery studies and local responses to Phoenician colonisation. He lectures at the Faculty of Archaeology of the Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań.

Violeta Moreno Megías holds a BA in History (2011) and PhD in Archaeology (2017) from the University of Seville (Spain). She specialises in pottery studies in Protohistory and Ancient History. Her research interests range from archaeometry to the technological and organisational aspects of pottery production and their cultural implications. She has lectured in different institutions of Spain, Italy and Poland. Since 2021 she has been Assistant Professor at the University of Seville.


'I have always had the impression that it is easier to do these types of panoramic views and states of affairs from a distance than when you are on the ground, as it is common to get lost in details. But whether it is from abroad or from our territory, this work should stimulate the realization of more methodological and knowledge updates in an agile and exhaustive way on the pre-Roman material culture of the Iberian Peninsula in a transversal, transcultural and diachronic perspective.'Dr. Raimon Graells i Fabregat [translated] (2022): Complutum