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Published Aug 2022

Archaeopress Archaeology


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Ancient Greece; History; Biography; Law; Politics; Epigraphy

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Our Beloved Polites: Studies presented to P.J. Rhodes

Edited by Delfim Leão, Daniela Ferreira, Nuno Simões Rodrigues, Rui Morais

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Twenty-eight contributions pay tribute to one of the most remarkable historians of ancient Greece, Professor P. J. Rhodes, to celebrate his life and work which has been and will continue to be a major reference for scholars around the world. The volume is organised in four sections: History and Biography, Law, Politics, and Epigraphy.



A Tribute to P. J. Rhodes: An Overview – Delfim Leão, Daniela Ferreira, Nuno Simões Rodrigues, Rui Morais ;
PJR: An Appreciation – John Davies ;

Part I - History and Biography ;
The Controversy Between Herodotus and Hecataeus: History and Competition in the Histories 2.143. – Denis Correa ;
Thucydides on Athens’ Goals in Sicily, 427-424 and 415-412 BC – Robert W. Wallace ;
Reading Thucydides’ Mythological Stories: Alcmaeon in The Peloponnesian War Amanda Ledesma Pascal † ;
Ionians in the Hellenica Oxyrhynchia: The Battle of Ephesus (Hell. Oxy. 1-3) – Antonis Tsakmakis ;
Lycurgus’ Biography and Constitution in Ephorus’ Fragments – Martina Gatto ;
The Sacred Band of Thebes and Alcibiades’ Exemplum (Plutarch, Pel. 18-19 and Alc. 7.3-6) – Nuno Simões Rodrigues ;
Sailing Directions. Echoes of Ancient Nautical Knowledge in the Periplous of Ps.-Skylax – Chiara Maria Mauro ;
Heraclides’ Epitome of the Aristotelian Athenaion Politeia Gertjan Verhasselt ;
A bastard Pharaoh: Why Ptolemy XII Auletes was not the Son of a Ptolemaic Princess – Antony Keen ;

Part II - Law ;
Aristophanes on Solon and His Laws – Delfim Leão ;
Legal Theory, Sophistic Antilogy: Antiphon’s Tetralogies Davide Napoli ;
Demosthenes, Against Aristogeiton. Νόμοϲ and Φύϲιϲ in 4th Century BC Athens – Lorenzo Sardone ;
The Search for Consistency in Legal Narratives: The Case of the ‘Good Lawgiver’ – Ália Rodrigues ;
Adoption and the Oikos Eremos in Ancient Athens: Public and Private Interests – Brenda Griffith-Williams ;
The Semantic Overlap of Ἀδικία and Ἀσέβεια in the Amphiareion at Oropos –

Aikaterini-Iliana Rassia


Sacred Laws (hieroi nomoi) and Legal Categories in Hellenistic Crete – Michael Gagarin ;
The Phrase καθάπερ ἐκ δίκης in Greek and Hellenistic Documents – Gerhard Thür ;

Part III - Politics ;
The Literary Sources for Athenian Prosopography – John Davies ;
The Oligarchic Ideal in Ancient Greece – Roger Brock ;
The Greek Polis and the Tyrant in the Archaic Age: Some Trends in the Relationship Between the Emergence of Tyranny and the Evolution of Political Community – Aitor Luz Villafranca ;
A Tale of Two Cities: Studies in Greek Border Politics – Lynette Mitchell ;
Empedocles Democraticus? – Carlo Santaniello ;
From Chremonides to Chaeronea: Demosthenes’ Influence in Later Athens – Ian Worthington ;

Part IV - Epigraphy ;
Epigraphy’s Very Own History – Robin Osborne ;
The Lost Dedicatory Inscription of the Serpent Column at Delphi – András Patay-Horváth ;
Something to Do with Epigraphy? The ‘Aegeus Episode’ in Euripides’ Medea and the Honorific Dimension of Athenian Tragedy – Andrea Giannotti ;
Eὐθυνῶ τὴν ἀρχὴν: Euthynai in the Sacrificial Calendar of Thorikos – Kazuhiro Takeuchi ;
Philip’s (Serious) Joke: [ΦΙΛΙΠΠΟΥ] ΕΠΙΣΤΟΛΗ 12.14 – Adele C. Scafuro ;

About the Author

Delfim Leão is full Professor at the Institute of Classical Studies and a researcher at the Centre for Classical and Humanistic Studies, University of Coimbra. His main areas of interest are ancient history, law and political theory of the Greeks, theatrical pragmatics, and the ancient novel. Among his recent works are D. F. Leão and P. J. Rhodes, The Laws of Solon. A new Edition, with Introduction, Translation and Commentary (London, I. B. Tauris, 2015).

Daniela Ferreira is currently an invited assistant Professor at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of University of Porto and a researcher at the CITCEM - Transdisciplinary Research Centre. She holds a PhD in History and Archaeology (University Complutense of Madrid - Spain) with a focus on Greek archaeological heritage in the Iberian Peninsula. She has authored and co-authored several books and articles on a broad range of archaeological topics, including ancient Greek history and pottery, intangible cultural heritage and Latin epigraphy.

Nuno Simões Rodrigues holds a PhD in Ancient History (Classics), a MA in Ancient History and a BA in History, all from the University of Lisbon. He is Associate Professor at the University of Lisbon and a researcher at the Centre for History and the Centre for Classical Studies of the ULisboa and at the Centre for Classical and Humanistic Studies of the University of Coimbra. His research interests focus on Greek History (religion, myth and politics), Roman History (Late Republic and Principate) and Reception Studies (Antiquity in Cinema).

Rui Morais has a degree in History (with Archaeology) from the University of Coimbra; an MA in urban archaeology, and a PhD in archaeology, technology and materials from the University of Minho. He was a professor at Minho University and is currently an Assistant Professor with aggregation at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Porto University. In his research, he has dedicated special attention to the study of trade in antiquity.


'Contrary to what is sometimes excessively used in tribute works, the collection of contributions in this volume was very well directed thematically and the resulting articles are, for the most part, innovative and relevant in the field of documentary heuristics covered.' – Martim Aires Horta (2023): Cadmo – Revista de História Antiga