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Published Jun 2022

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781803271101

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Assyrians; Art; Architecture; Reliefs; Reception in modern cultures

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Moving on from Ebla, I crossed the Euphrates: An Assyrian Day in Honour of Paolo Matthiae

Edited by Davide Nadali, Lorenzo Nigro, Frances Pinnock

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Six articles by leading scholars on the culture of the Assyrian world pay homage to Paolo Matthiae, known internationally for the discovery of the site of ancient Ebla in Syria. The articles deal with different aspects of Assyrian culture, with innovative and sometimes unexpected points of view, including its reception in the modern world.



Foreword – Davide Nadali, Lorenzo Nigro and Frances Pinnock ;

Publications on Assyria – Paolo Matthiae ;

The Progress of Research on the Sculptures of Ashurbanipal – Julian Edgeworth Reade ;

La réception des Assyriens, avant et après l’invention pionnière de Khorsabad par Paul-Emile Botta – Ariane Thomas ;

The Architectural in Betweenness of Assyrian Reliefs: On Cues and Settings of Architectural Decoration – David Kertai ;

Assyria, Where Are You? A Striking Gap in the Reception of the Ancient Near East in Western Popular Culture – Dominik Bonatz ;

‘I opened eight gates’: Revisiting the Identification of Dūr-Šarrukīn’s City Gates – Jamie Novotny ;

Masculinity and the Hunt in the State Arts of the Assyrian Empire – Omar N’Shea

About the Author

Davide Nadali is Associate Professor of Near Eastern Archaeology at Sapienza University of Rome, co-director of the Italian Archaeological Expedition to Tell Zurghul (Iraq) and vice-director of the Italian Archaeological Expedition to Ebla (Syria). He is the author of numerous scientific publications about the history of art of the Ancient Near East.

Lorenzo Nigro is Full Professor of Near Eastern Archaeology at the Sapienza University of Rome. He is the Director of the La Sapienza Expeditions to Motya, in Sicily, and to Palestine & Jordan, carrying out systematic excavations at Tell es-Sultan/ancient Jericho.

Frances Pinnock was Associate Professor of Near Eastsern Archaeology at Sapienza University of Rome until her retirement in 2020. She is co-director of the Italian Archaeological Expedition to Ebla (Syria) and author of several scientific monographs and more than 150 articles on the archaeology and art history of the Ancient Near East.