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Published Dec 2021

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Ancient Near East; Conference Proceedings

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Bridging the Gap: Disciplines, Times, and Spaces in Dialogue – Volume 1

Sessions 1, 2, and 5 from the Conference Broadening Horizons 6 Held at the Freie Universität Berlin, 24–28 June 2019

Edited by Christian W. Hess, Federico Manuelli

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Proceedings of the Broadening Horizons 6 conference (2019): Volume 1 presents 17 papers from Session 1: Entanglement. Material Culture and Written Sources in Dialogue; Session 2: Integrating Sciences in Historical and Archaeological Research; and Session 5: Which Continuity? Evaluating Stability, Transformation, and Change in Transitional Periods.



Foreword – Costanza Coppini, Georg Cyrus, Hamaseh Golestaneh, Christian W. Hess, Nathalie Kallas, Federico Manuelli, and Rocco Palermo ;
Introduction – Christian W. Hess and Federico Manuelli ;

Session 1 — Entanglement. Material Culture and Written Sources in Dialogue ;
Tamed Violence: Inscribed Weapons in Mesopotamia – Augusta McMahon ;
La Maison d’Urtenu. A Functional Study of a ‘Great House’ from Ugarit – Juan Álvarez García ;
Protecting the Residence: Doorjambs, Lintels, Hieroglyphics Inscriptions, and Blue Pigment between Southern Levant and Egypt – Giampiero Tursi ;
On the Participation of Egyptian Artists in Achaemenid Art – Zohreh Zehbari ;

Session 2 — Integrating Sciences in Historical and Archaeological Research ;
Digital Prosopography of Babylonia: New Horizons – Caroline Waerzeggers ;
‘Green Frog in the Water’. A Herpetological Approach to the Magico-Medical Use of Frogs and Frog-Amulets in Mesopotamia – Carolin Dittrich and Eva Götting-Martin ;
Ancient Agriculture in Early Bronze Age Northern Mesopotamia Reconstructed from Archaeobotanical Remains – Ghias Klesly ;
3D Imagery for On-Site Assessment of Mud Brick Architecture: A Case Study from Gird-i Shamlu (Iraqi Kurdistan) – Felix Wolter ;
An Overview of the Achaemenid Glazed Architectural Decoration – Negar Abdali ;
Monitoring Damage to Cultural Heritage Sites Using Open Source Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Data – Hassan el-Hajj ;
Ink Recipes from the Islamic Era: Texts, Manuscripts, Ink Replication, and Scientific Analyses – Claudia Colini ;

Session 5 — Which Continuity? Evaluating Stability, Transformation, and Change in Transitional Periods ;
Cultures ‘In Transition’. Interpreting Time, Persistence, and Changes in the Archaeological Record – Marcella Frangipane ;
There and Back Again — Towards a New Understanding of Abandonment Practices at the Neolithic Settlement of Göbekli Tepe – Julia Schönicke ;
Tarḫuntašša: Rise and Fall of the New Capital for the Hittite Empire – Natalia Lodeiro Pichel ;
Dual Narratives: Collapse and Transition at the End of the Late Bronze Age – Jesse Michael Millek ;
Do Not Fear the Dark: Change and Continuity in the Amuq Valley (14th–6th Centuries BC) – Mariacarmela Montesanto ;
A Possible Neo-Babylonian House-Type for the New Seleucid Foundations? – Stefanos Karampekos

About the Author

Christian W. Hess (PhD Ancient Near Eastern Studies, 2013) is a research fellow at the Center of Advanced Studies ‘Rethinking Oriental Despotism’ at the Freie Universität Berlin. ;

Federico Manuelli (PhD Ancient Near Eastern Studies, 2011) is a researcher at the Institute of Heritage Science of the Italian National Research Council (ISPC-CNR) and a guest researcher at the Institut für Altorientalistik at the Freie Universität Berlin.