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103 figures, 62 tables, 33 plates (colour throughout)

Published Dec 2021

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781803270920

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Neolithic; Göbekli Tepe; stone tools; use-wear; residues; archaeology of food; plant food

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Plant Food Processing Tools at Early Neolithic Göbekli Tepe

Edited by Laura Dietrich

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Plant Food Processing Tools at Early Neolithic Göbekli Tepe reconstructs plant food processing at this key Pre-Pottery Neolithic (9600-8000 BC) site, with an emphasis on cereals, legumes and herbs as food sources, on grinding and pounding tools for their processing, and on the vessels implied in the consumption of meals and beverages.



List of Figures ;
List of Tables ;
Chapter 1: Highlights of the Study ;
Chapter 2: The Site with Oliver Dietrich and Jens Notroff ;
Chapter 3: Methods, Experiments and their Results ;
Chapter 4: Handstones ;
Chapter 5: Pestles ;
Chapter 6: The Netherstones ;
Chapter 7: Stone Containers and Platters ;
Chapter 8: Discussion of the Results of the Analysis ;
Chapter 9: Plants and Landscapes at Göbekli Tepe (Excursus) ;
Appendices ;

About the Author

Laura Dietrich is affiliated researcher at the German Archaeological Institute and lecturer at the Free University of Berlin, Germany. She is specialized in use-wear and residue analyses on stone tools, in food archaeology and generally the Neolithic and Bronze Age in Europe and Southwestern Asia. She has worked at Göbekli Tepe since 2007 and on stone finds since 2016.