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Published Mar 2022

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781803270685

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Architecture; City Planning; Athens; Greece; 19th Century

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Schinkel ‘in Athens’: Meta-Narratives of 19th-Century City Planning

Meta-narratives of 19th-century city planning

By Dimitris N. Karidis

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This book offers a fresh appraisal of Karl Friedrich Schinkel’s urban design legacy and his involvement in the design of modern Athens in the 1830s. It challenges the common perception of Schinkel’s proposed palace atop the Acropolis of Athens (1834) as a utopian scheme, detached from the realities of nineteenth-century Greece.



Preface ;
On the Narrative and the Meta-narrative ;
On the nature of ‘Biography’ ;
Karl Friedrich Schinkel ;
George Christian Gropius ;
Eduard Schaubert, Stamatios Kleanthes and ‘their’ plan of Athens ;

Introduction (A) ;
Back to Euclide’s Elements of Geometry ;
The north-south and east-west axes anchoring the plan ;
The over-estimated Propylaia and the under-estimated Library of Hadrian in reading the 1833 plan ;
A new plan or an extension plan for the old town? ;
An Urban Interlude on 17th-19th c. European Extension Plans ;

Introduction (B) ;
The Roman paradigm ;
Eclectic relations between the Athens plan and Schinkel’s architecture and urban design (1) ;
Eclectic relations between the Athens plan and Schinkel’s architecture and urban design (2) ;

Act One (in Two Scenes) ;
Close encounters in Athens, Rome and Berlin ;

Act Two (in Two Scenes) ;
The meta-narrative approach to the authorship of the 1833 new Athens plan ;

Act Three (in Four Scenes) ;
Urban design in and outside Berlin – philosophical views on social priorities ;

Act Four (in Six Scenes) ;
Transcendental life ;

Epilogue ;

Bibliography ;


About the Author

Dimitris N. Karidis is an architect and urban historian, Professor Emeritus of National Technical University of Athens.