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Published Dec 2021

Archaeopress Archaeology


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DOI 10.32028/9781803270500

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Palaeolithic; Arabia; Qatar; UAE; Oman; Stone-tools; Stone-Age; Lithics; Evolution, Hominins

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Qatar: Evidence of the Palaeolithic Earliest People Revealed

By Julie Scott-Jackson

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This book, with full text in English and Arabic, synthesises the results of extensive fieldwork by the PADMAC Unit (Kellogg College, Oxford) with diverse historical records and reports of earlier investigations, to tell the story of the long and difficult search to discover the identity of the first people to inhabit the sovereign State of Qatar.



Table of Contents: Preface ;
Acknowledgements ;
Map ;
Chronology ;
Introduction: An interview with H.E. Sheikh Khalifa bin Jassim Al Thani ;
Investigations: Why look for evidence of Palaeolithic hunter-gatherers in Qatar? ;
The Pre-History of Qatar (Part 1): Traces of prehistoric occupation and the importance of Palaeolithic surface-scatters of stone-tools. ;
The Hiatus in Palaeolithic Research in Qatar: Identifying the problem. ;
Answers to the Question: What curtailed Palaeolithic research in Qatar for over 30 years? ;
The Pre-History of Qatar (Part 2): In search of the Palaeolithic of Qatar; new investigation; new discoveries ;
Found: The Palaeolithic of Qatar ;
All Things Considered: Summary results of the 2009-2017 investigations in Qatar by the PADMAC Unit ;
Reflections ;
Further Reading: Section 1: A brief overview of Palaeolithic material cultures ;
Further Reading: Section 2: The Geospatial analyses, research techniques and methodologies employed by the PADMAC Unit ;
Table of Figures ;
References ;

About the Author

Julie Scott-Jackson is the Director of the PADMAC Unit, based at Kellogg College, University of Oxford, where she also completed her doctorate In Palaeolithic Geoarchaeology. She has been studying Palaeolithic sites on high levels In the Middle East and Southern England since the 1990s.


جولي سكوت جاكسون هي رئيسة وحدة "بادماك" و التي مقرها كلية كيلوج في جامعة أوكسفورد، لقد حصلت السيدة جولي سكوت جاكسون على درجة الدكتوراه في علم الآثار الجيولوجية للعصر الحجري القديم، و التي لديها دراسات بحثية عديدة في مواقع العصر الحجري القديم على مستويات عالية في الشرق الأوسط و جنوب إنجلترا منذ التسعينيات.


‘The book, bilingual in format and lavishly illustrated, will be an invaluable introduction to scholars and interested readers alike. I will go as far as to say that this book will be an ideal introduction to any university course dealing with world prehistory and the movement of modern humans.’ – George Nash (2022): Current World Archaeology