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361 figures, 66 tables (colour throughout)

Published Feb 2022

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781803270364

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Ancient Egypt; Theban Tombs; New Kingdom; Theban Necropolis; Beautiful Festival of the Valley; Royal Mortuary Temples;

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Archaeopress Egyptology 40

Tomb Families: Private Tomb Distribution in the New Kingdom Theban Necropolis

By Katherine Slinger

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Tomb Families investigates the apparently random distribution of New Kingdom private tombs in the Theban Necropolis by focusing on factors that may have influenced tomb location. This research provides a deeper understanding of the necropolis and how private tombs linked to the wider sacred landscape of Thebes.



Chapter 1: Introduction ;
Chapter 2: Topography of the Theban Necropolis ;
Chapter 3: The Earliest Tombs ;
Chapter 4: The New Kingdom Evolution of the Theban Necropolis ;
Chapter 5: Dra Abu el-Naga ;
Chapter 6: Deir el-Bahri ;
Chapter 7: El-Asasif ;
Chapter 8: El-Khokha ;
Chapter 9: Sheikh Abd el-Qurna ;
Chapter 10: Qurnet Murai ;
Chapter 11: Deir el-Medina ;
Chapter 12: Tombs of Viziers and their Colleagues ;
Chapter 13: High Priests of Amun ;
Chapter 14: Final Observations ;

Appendices ;
Appendix 1: Old Kingdom and First Intermediate Period Tomb Owners ;
Appendix 2: Middle Kingdom Tomb Owners ;
Appendix 3: Tomb Owners in Dra Abu el-Naga East ;
Appendix 4: Tomb Owners in Dra Abu el-Naga West ;
Appendix 5: Outlying Tombs in Dra Abu el-Naga West ;
Appendix 6: New Kingdom Tomb Owners in Deir el-Bahri ;
Appendix 7: Outlying Tomb Owners in Deir el-Bahri ;
Appendix 8: Tomb Owners in el-Asasif ;
Appendix 9: Tomb Owners in el-Khokha ;
Appendix 10: Outlying Tomb Owners in el-Khokha ;
Appendix 11: Tomb Owners in Upper Qurna ;
Appendix 12: Tomb Owners in Lower Qurna ;
Appendix 13: Tomb Owners in Qurnet Murai ;
Appendix 14: Tomb Owners in Deir el-Medina ;


About the Author

Katherine Slinger was awarded her PhD in Egyptology in 2020 from the University of Liverpool for her research into the non-royal Theban Necropolis. She graduated with a first-class degree in Egyptology in 2014, and a Master’s degree with Distinction in Egyptology in 2015, both from the University of Liverpool. She is also a qualified primary school teacher. Katherine has taught Egyptian Archaeology at the University of Sheffield and Durham University, and currently works as an Egyptology tutor in the Continuing Education department at the University of Liverpool. She is also an independent researcher and freelance lecturer.