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Published Jun 2022

Archaeopress Archaeology


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Challenging Preconceptions of the European Iron Age

Essays in Honour of Professor John Collis

Edited by Wendy Morrison

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This collection of essays by leading researchers in the archaeology of the European Iron Age pays tribute to Professor John Collis who, since the 1960s, has been involved in investigating and enriching our understanding of Iron Age society and, crucially, questioning the status quo of our narratives about the past.



Preface ;
The Atlas of Hillforts of Britain and Ireland: a consideration of the coastal and inland promontory forts and enclosures of Scotland – Stratford Halliday and Ian Ralston ;
A long, largely aceramic, period of Devon’s prehistory – Henrietta Quinnell ;
Deconstructing archaeological databases – Martin Kuna ;
The Gauls against the State – Sophie Krausz ;
The European Iron Age. John Collis (1984). London: Batsford. a late review – Chris Gosden ;
Exploring the origins and character of transhumance in England – Andrew Fleming ;
Since John left Devon: some unanticipated outcomes of aerial reconnaissance in the county – F.M. Griffith and E.M. Wilkes ;
Mam Tor, Derbyshire: new plans outlining hill and fort, internal platforms and all – Graeme Guilbert ;
A rich Late Iron Age burial from Canterbury – Timothy Champion ;
Some reflections on phenomenology, structure, agency and actancy in medieval pottery studies – C. G. Cumberpatch ;
Friendly Hills by Nature Guarded Round’: Recent work at Bathampton Down, Bath – Lisa Brown ;
Mapping Celticity – Olivier Buchsenschutz

About the Author

Wendy Morrison is Senior Associate Tutor for Archaeology at the Oxford University Department for Continuing Education and manages cultural heritage projects for the Chilterns Conservation Board. She is also Chair of the Hillfort Studies Group.


'Overall, this is a valuable volume celebrating the achievements of one of the most important Iron Age archaeologists of the last 50 years. Its scope is wide-ranging which means that while not everyone will find value in all of the papers, there will be something of value to anyone interested in the first millennium BC of Britain or the European continent.' – Oliver Davis (2023): The Prehistoric Society