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Published Sep 2021

Archaeopress Archaeology


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Europe; Neolithic; Kinship; Gender; Strontium; DNA; Archaeology

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The Not Very Patrilocal European Neolithic

Strontium, aDNA, and Archaeological Kinship Analyses

By Bradley E. Ensor

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Two decades of strontium isotope research on Neolithic European burials – reinforced by high-profile ancient DNA studies – has led to widespread interpretations that these were patrilocal societies, implying significant residential mobility for women. This volume questions that narrative from a social anthropological perspective on kinship.



Preface and Acknowledgments ;
Introduction ;
Corporate Kin Groups, Marriage, Residence, and Postmortem Location ;
Neolithic European Kinship: Dental Strontium Isotope Ratios ;
Neolithic European Kinship: aDNA ;
‘Supporting Evidence’ ;
Archaeological Kinship Analysis ;
Neolithic European Kinship: Archaeology ;
The Very Bilocal, Bilateral European Neolithic ;
Glossary ;
References Index

About the Author

Bradley E. Ensor (PhD 2003, University of Florida) is a professor of anthropology at Eastern Michigan University (2003-present). He teaches archaeology, social anthropology, and physical anthropology. His research addresses theory and methods in archaeology, bioarchaeology, and ethnology emphasizing the intersections of political economy, kinship, and gender. His publications include Crafting Prehispanic Maya Kinship (2013), The Archaeology of Kinship (2013), Oysters in the Land of Cacao (2020), 17 journal articles, and 7 chapters in edited volumes.